K is for Kong & L is for Lizard!

Again with another multiple letter post!  (oops…)

K is for Kong!

You know, the popular brand of dog toys!  Here at our house we love Kong!  There is the classic kong, you know the thing that you can stuff full of goodies for your dog to play with, and then there are other things like the Flyer (frisbees), the Wobbler (fill them with small treats and the dog works it to wobble out treats), the Wubba (I love saying that!), the Squeezz stick, ball, and ring toys, there are the Jels.  We’ve had a bunch of these toys and we are quite happy with their durability.  Not to say that they haven’t been destroyed.  There aren’t any toys that are totally indestructible, that would be an absolute miracle if there were!  (Some people do need to try and realize that…)

Kong also makes dog beds and crate pads.  We have one of these that we bought (Petsmart) and I love it!  It’s easy to keep clean and it is made of the tougher material that isn’t as easily damaged.  We’ve had it for about a month I think and it’s done well.  It’s water resistant which makes it easy to clean up any spills.  The reviews on the Petsmart website were a bit left or right, not much middle ground.  A lot of people were not happy with the fact that they weren’t totally indestructible and they blamed the Kong company for the fact that their dogs just destroy things.  The other half really liked the beds but maybe had one little gripe or something (e.g. not water proof, but water resistant) but were otherwise satisfied.  Overall we really like the Kong Crate Pad but we still put a towel in over it just to deter some little yellow tasmanian devil (evil corgi) from taking a liking to shredding this crate pad too.

The following are some examples of some of the toys that Gwen enjoys and we have no problem buying for her!

Kong Wubba

Kong Squeezz

Kong Squeezz Jels

Here is the link to the crate pad that we bought for Gwen (if y’all are interested).  I really like this and it took me awhile to find it.  Some may not be as satisfied as we are but I guess that means it all boils down to personal opinions.

Oh yeah!  And Kong makes toys for CATS now too!!!

L is for Lizard!  

This is totally unrelated to dogs.  I think lizards are cool and it just so happens to be a nickname that my family calls me and I’ve had it ever since I can remember!


2 thoughts on “K is for Kong & L is for Lizard!

  1. Gimli loves his Wubba. He has a couple canvas wubbas that now outside only, they were left outside and are a little gross. He has a bear head wubba and he knows its name. If asked, he’ll go get it for you. We have the dumbbell and the Wobbler and he loves both of them.

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