H-I-J: Hard to say Goodbye. Insanity. Juuuust…

I’ve missed a couple days so we’re going to do these three days together.  I’ve had these posts stuck in my head but just not been able to sit down to be able to write these.

H:  It’s hard to say goodbye.

Tuesday (H-day) was my last day at work.  It was also my longest day that I’ve had for awhile.  I really wanted/needed to go home since I had so much stuff to do to get ready for the movers to come the next day but as the time got closer and closer to the end I started to want the time to move a little slower.  To me it felt like that very last day of school before summer break or before Graduation; very sad and feeling guilty about looking forward to summer.  I know, I’m weird, but I’ve always hated the last day since that means I won’t see my friends again or at least for a long time.  I only hung out with a couple friends over the summers and they were mostly horsey people.  Since they’d understand about horse show time commitments.  Anyways, I digress.  It was sad to say goodbye.  I don’t like saying goodbye.

I’ve made so many new and great friends while working at Petco!  I don’t like idea of saying goodbye to them.  I didn’t get to say goodbye to some of them but I think I will most likely swing by the store at some point before we leave to say bye to them.  I’m glad that my first real, non-summer job was with such a great group of people!  🙂

I:  The Insanity of Moving

It was insane.  The movers showed up at about 8:30 (I think?) and were here until about 5:00.  They wrapped everything in paper

and boxed it up. The water was off, again, so they had to go to the gas station down the road to use the bathroom.  I fed them pizza and gave the water and soda.  They were really nice too which was nice, especially since it was my first PCS move.  I didn’t know what to do when they got here; I felt like a bump on a log!  Gwen went to doggie daycare at Charleston Dog House and they have a “Doggy Cam” where you can watch the dogs playing outside.  I’ll have to write about that later since I have some pictures I can post. 😉

Somebody got all tuckered out!

I had a friend, Alicia, come over who has done the PCS moving thing before (she’s a Naval Officer & we know her from college) as moral support.  She was a big help and even brought me a hot chocolate when she got here. 🙂  I was supposed to buy her donuts (America runs on Dunkin!) but I ran out of time in the morning before hand so I provided lunch and Lava Cakes from Dominoes which is an acceptable substitute, right?  She was a BIG help in helping me understand what was going on and the stuff that I had to sign at the end.  I think the movers were mostly done with everything around 4:30 but then they had to pick up all their stuff and sign papers, etc.

Packing up the washer and dryer was interesting.  The movers refused to unhook them since that “HAD to be done by a third party.”  At least I/we were not incompetent women!  Alicia and I ended up doing it all, well the young mover guy helped us start loosing the hoses because they were on so tight (manly men had installed our washer and dryer before) but then the overseer lady FORBADE him from doing anymore than loosening them!  She was like “we can’t do it because that would put water on your floor and we don’t want our company to be at fault for any damages!”  You could tell the guy really wanted to help us, but we did it!  I knew how to put the stabilizer bolts in the back of the washer (we’ve got front loader and you need them to be able to ship it and keep the drum from moving, etc.) all thanks to Youtube and my curiosity about these weird looking bolts before hand!  I also found the booklet and found that it says “DO NOT LOSE THESE!!!”  (…we’d temporarily lost the bolts at one point but found them, thank goodness!  Would’ve cost 70 bucks to replace the set of three!)  We figured out how to do the hoses without getting water everywhere, put the bolts in and tightened them, and she even pulled the door off since they didn’t know how to do one of the track doors.  See, girls can do this stuff!  I think we were both raised to be independent and be able to do stuff for ourselves.  I also think that does make a difference, helpless women are useless women.

I just thought this was funny

J:  Juuust a little more!

Gwen went back to doggie daycamp (or daycare – you choose) today.  This morning she did NOT want to get up but got super excited to go for a ride!  Once we got there she didn’t want to go with the lady.  I think she was still tired from yesterday, poor baby.  It’s 20 bucks for the whole day (over 7 hrs) (6 and under hrs is only 15) so it’s well worth it.  We’ve been able to go out to lunch, clean, and go shopping today without worrying or feeling guilty about the dog.  Our house is quite bare, minus the heap of junk stuff that is left in the living room and bedroom.  We’ve got to fit the rest of our stuff into my truck, the Challenger, and put some stuff in some boxes to send if we have to, which most likely we will since we apparently can’t pack well….

I bought two pairs of shoes!  Oh yeah and took some of my books in to the used book store to see if I could get rid of them but then I ended up coming home with more books…kind of counterproductive.  I apparently can’t get it right.  I’m supposed to be getting rid of things not adding more stuff to our load!  We also took some stuff to Habitat for Humanity and I found a little shelf unit that I wish I’d found two days ago!  It was PERFECT!  But of course we’ve already packed out and have absolutely no [projected] room in my truck.  Oh yeah and the truck leaves on Saturday bright and early with Andrew’s mom and grandpa who are driving my truck half way and then my parents are picking up the truck and driving the rest of the way.  Thank goodness for them!  We weren’t exactly sure what we were going to do with the truck at one point!

Everything is clean so we went shopping today and spent some time with Andrew’s mom and grandpa.  We are also staying here for another week because they said we can’t leave yet.  Stupid Navy reasons that we don’t understand of course.

*   *    *    *    *

I know I got a little off track with my A to Z challenge but I hope that y’all excuse me for my good reason:  we are moving!  I will try to keep up now.  I can probably just write my posts in the car. 🙂  I already have a good doggie related idea for tomorrow’s post!

Note:  All images found on Google images.  Except the ones of Gwen, those came from CDH Facebook page.


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