G is for Gorgeous Gwen!

**I wrote this post thinking that today was one of the days that I post a letter for the A-to-Z Challenge but then right before I hit “publish” I saw that today is Sunday!  I am going to go ahead and publish this G post for Monday right now since I really want to share this post already!  Tomorrow I’ll post the letters A & B since I missed them at the very beginning…I kind of forgot that the challenge was starting.  After that I will continue as according to the Challenge schedule.  (Every day except Sundays, that way we get all the letters in during the month of April.)  Also, I do think that I am going to skip Wednesday (the 10th) since that is the day the movers will be coming to take all our stuff out of the house.  Maybe this will make up for that?

Obviously today had to be all about Gwen!  We went on a nice long walk in the sunshine today and we found a nice clump of flowering azalea bushes by a school near our house.  I think you might enjoy these. 🙂  Silly me forgot to bring treats with me so I wasn’t able to maintain her attention since all Gwen wanted to do was chase bees.  She kept looking away but I did get some good pictures, especially for being taken with my cell phone camera!

This is our favorite!

In the “woods” near our house.


Somebody found a stick!

Hope everyone is enjoying this spring weather!  Assuming, that is, that it is nice and sunny where ever you might be.  I am not looking forward to leaving this BEAUTIFUL and WARM weather for the drab, dreary, depressing weather of Washington.  (I am from there, I know what to expect.)


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