F is for Fun Finding Food

F is for friends that do stuff together, U is for you and me!  N is for anywhere and any time at all, down here in the deep blue sea!

Anybody recognize that?  It’s Spongebob’s FUN song!

F is for FIRE that BURNS down the whole town!  U is for URANIUM…BOMBS!  N is for NO SURVIIIIIVORS!…

That line right there is Plankton’s version.  I love this song!  I couldn’t help but think of it when I was writing the title for today’s Challenge post.  Hence the slight Spongebob detour.  I’ll add the link to the song here so you can listen to it in its entirety if you either need a refresher or have never heard it.  It’s worth a quick listen. 😉

Today’s topic is food, more specifically dog food.  Before you scoff at my choice in topic for being so mundane, give it a second or two!

Gwen is 11 months old, turning a year on the 27th of this month!  She was about out of dog food so I said I’d pick up another bag of food after my shift.  Since we are planning on moving I only bought a little bag last time and I had hoped it was going to last us long enough to be able to move.  Of course it didn’t so we were going to have to buy more.  After my shift today I was in the dog food section picking up a bag of Iams Active Puppy (the food Gwen has had ever since she ate her first bite of kibble).  As I was walking over to the Science Diet section just to get an idea of price and what they had to offer, one of the other associates that was in the back slinging food bags (putting them on shelves) came over to give me crap about the food I fed my dog when he saw what kind food I was buying and what food I was thinking of switching to once I told him my story.

Of course I was guilted for buying “horrible food” for my dog.  I was also guilted for trying to choose a food that was “equally as horrible.”  Excuse me for feeding a brand that my dog’s breeder fed and at the time recommended to us.  My little corgi has done just fine on Iams, thank you very much!  My response to Associate W was “okay, if I shouldn’t feed those, what should I feed?  And I am not going to get Blue Buffalo, it is too expensive for me.”  W had also pointed out that since where I work I get a discount, especially on the natural food and that I should know better than to feed my dog something like Iams.  Up until today I have felt a little bit of guilt about not feeding her a better food, but I have justified myself by saying that she is doing just fine on the food and I have an animal (horse) that eats and needs way more expensive food and quantity of food than she does.  If it was so bad for dogs then why would a quality dog breeder feed or recommend such a food?

And while I was standing over in the pet food section sweating to death and listening to W’s arguments/suggestions, another associate came over to see what was going on, and of course had to pass the same judgement over me for buying “junk food” for my dog.  I might also want to point out that I was sweating to death since I was wearing my coat from early in the AM while it was 70 degrees out.  After my shift I cover my uniform shirt so that people don’t stop to ask me questions or for help if I am trying to go to the bathroom, get my stuff, go on break, or shop.

EDIT:  Another person I work with told me she had the same thing happen to her when she started working for the Co. and ended up switching her dog’s food too.  She was nicer about guilting me though.

In the end, I decided on the Nature’s Recipe Adult Dog Lamb Meal & Rice Formula.  W had said that I might as well just switch her over to adult food now since I’m at the end of a bag and she is almost not a puppy anymore.  I was a little leery of that at first but I guess it makes sense.  Not sure if I would suggest that to anyone else if they were to ask me, though.  I figure that she is a small-medium dog so she is already done growing, it would be different if she were a large breed since they are considered puppies longer.

Before I’d made my decision I had been thinking of trying Purina ProPlan dog food.  I don’t deny I still have a lot to learn about the different types of dog food and which stuff is better, etc.  But tonight Andrew and I both sat down and did some research on the foods and what their percentages of protein and fat and stuff were and we both decided that the stuff I picked today at the store was pretty good stuff.  It is supposed to be a good starter level type of natural dog food.  I guess it also helps us fit in with moving back to Washington, getting back into the swing of eating or using “natural” things…*cough* hippies *cough*…

On the other side of things, I felt like I was being pressured into buying something that I really didn’t want and also being judged and guilted (which I’m pretty sure I was) for feeding my dog something sub-par to what I either should be or that others think I should be feeding.  I wanted to read the ingredient lists and the % content thing to help me to make my decision but whenever I’d try to do that I couldn’t because somebody would say something.  I hadn’t planned on switching food this time around or I would’ve already done some research.  Both Andrew and I had already been planning on the next bag of food.

When I got home with the food, I told Andrew the whole story and told him we were going to the other pet store near us so I could compare the food in relative peace and quiet without someone breathing down my neck and judging my choices.  I can sympathize with some of our customers now!  I had one guy come to the register and tell me that our Blue Buffalo representative was a “jerk” because he kept pushing his brand of food (which is very good quality but also very expensive) and telling the guy basically the same exact thing as what I got told (“that stuff is horrible to feed your dog, you shouldn’t feed it, it’s just a grocery store brand of food”) and it made the guy feel bad.  Making customers feel bad is not the way to go!  I reassured him that the representative was not an employee of ours but rather he was there because his company sent him.  I also told him what day to avoid shopping there if he didn’t want to see or talk to that guy.  The BB Rep. that comes to our store is a nice guy and everything, but not everyone wants to buy Blue Buffalo or can afford it.  I figure if Gwen is fine with this food then we’re good as it’s only a dollar or two more than what she’d been eating as opposed to almost ten dollars extra for just a little bag!

I am not feeding a $50 bag of food to my dog when my horse needs over $50 worth of grain in a week.  Not happening.  Not until she becomes needy, at least.  I think that is the main reason I refuse to buy Blue Buffalo or Wellness or SolidGold.

EDIT:  I redid the math and it’s about $50 worth of grain for 2 weeks.  I wasn’t thinking straight last night I guess.  Because I reread this and thought, hmm that seems an awful lot!

What do you feed your dogs?  I promise that I won’t pass any judgement on you, I am just curious!  

P.S. Gwen had fun at the dog park today!  I will have stories about that later!  And a couple cute pictures!!! 😀 I rambled a bit too much today, I think, to put that in this post. 😦


8 thoughts on “F is for Fun Finding Food

  1. Ugh, what a crummy experience in the dog food aisle! I feel for you. We also avoid the dog food reps when we go to the pet stores, I don’t like high pressure either.
    We feed Wellness chicken. To give you some back story, Gimli’s breeder fed Eukanuba. When Gimli came to live with us, I had him on Iams Smart puppy and he did well at first. But then he started having tummy troubles and wouldn’t eat the food when it was put down. I’ll spare the details, but it became apparent that we needed to change his food. I did some research and had a few brands to try. Wellness was the first one we tried and he took to it. His tummy troubles disappeared and it’s been great. We purchase the 30 lb bags and it works out to about $60 or so Canadian dollars, but that bag lasts about 3 months or so. He gets a cup a day, plus a small cookie at each meal, 1/2 a Dentabone at lunch and whatever fruits & veggies we eat.
    There’s plenty of people out there that will tell you what to feed your dog and some can be pretty judgy about it. The way I look at it, your dog has to do well on the food, that’s first in my book, then price, then brand. I say do your research, compare prices and go from there. Going to a different store where there’s no outside influences is a good idea. You know Gwen better than anyone else, so keep that in the back of your mind when other people put in their two cents.
    Good luck!

    • We’ve started to transition over this morning (mixing it) and she ate it all though it was a little slower because the pieces were bigger. Does Gimli eat “normal” sized pieces or small sized pieces?
      I also asked one of the dog trainers at work about transitioning her food now, she said she should be good and that she too fed Iams before she started working there! She thought that the stuff I got would work well with Gwen too. I hope Gwen likes this food! My parents fed it to Dayzee (lab) for awhile until she just quit eating it. She’s old and spoiled now so she’s been on a bunch of different foods but I don’t think they’ve gotten to Blue Buffalo yet, haha.
      Sounds like they eat about the same amount. 🙂 I was curious about what other Corgis ate too. I know it all depends on the individual dog, I was just hoping I wasn’t feeding her too little.

      • Eek, I forgot to respond!
        Gimli eats normal sized pieces. He’s a little monster and inhales his food lol. Yes, deciding on the food amounts is hard at first, it’s trial and error. Sometimes I wonder if I’m feeding to little too. 😐 Course these corgis don’t make it easy.. they are always hungry 🙂

        Hope your move is going well! I tried to catch Miss Gwen on the daycare cam, but I missed her. 🙂

  2. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion about your new food, but I checked it out and I like that the first ingredient is a meat meal and not meat because chicken meat or lamb meat is 70% water and after that’s removed there isn’t much protein left so companies that brag that the first ingredient in their food being chicken or lamb meat really shouldn’t bother ! The other thing that’s good about your new food is it’s not packed full of corn gluten, and soy, and wheat and chicken by products and that’s really good ! Those are ingredients to avoid. .

    We feed California Natural Grain Free Chicken Meal and Rice to our Corgi, Beagle Foxhound and our 14 1/2 year old West Highland Terrier. You may be aware that a few of their products were recently recalled, but most of them were recalled as a precautionary measure. Most people don’t realize how often there are dog food recalls, and sooner or later every company ends up having a problem and it doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap manufacturer or one that produces higher quality food.

    We use to feed California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice and the reason I switched to grain free was too get away from the high amount of carbohydrates. Our first Corgi who died last summer had started to gain weight despite the fact that we fed a specific amount of food in the morning and at night. He ended up developing diabetes and it may have been because he had an underlying metabolic disorder, but I couldn’t continue feeding him a food that was so high in carbohydrates. Please understand, I’m NOT saying all corgis are going to gain weight on a high carbohydrate food and develop diabetes, I just wanted to explain why I changed. 🙂 You may have already found the DogFoodAdvisor.com website but it’s great for researching dog foods. Here’s the direct link for your new food: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/natures-recipe-dry/ Although it refers to all the Nature’s Recipe dry foods and yours is included, the specific review is for Nature’s Recipe Large Breed Chicken and Oatmeal Dry Dog Food. The protein, carbs and fat may be different for your specific dog food. It’s just something to go by and you shouldn’t let one or two little comments about the food deter you from using it. There’s no perfect dog food unless you cook it at home yourself.

    As an example of the differences that can exist between two varieties from the same company, the California Lamb Meal and Rice food we used to feed was 22% protein – 12% fat – 48% carbohydrates. The Grain Free Chicken Meal and Rice we feed now is 36% protein – 13% fat – 28% carbohydrates.

    One thing to consider is the calories in dog food because they can vary a lot. California Natural Grain Free chicken meal and rice has 454 calories per cup and based on our dog’s weight we only feed the beagle foxhound one cup in the morning and one at night, and our corgi who is still young and growing gets the same amount, and our 24 lb west highland terrier gets 3/4 of a cup in the morning and 3/4 at night. So, the amount we feed is a lot less than many other types of dog food.

    At this link is the feeding calculator for California Natural dry dog foods: http://www.californianaturalpet.com/faqs-resources/feeding-calculator If you enter Gwen’s weight and select a couple of different foods you can see how much she’d be eating per day. I’m not saying that because I think you should switch, but just so you can see for curiosity’s sake if you could actually feed a lower amount of a higher priced grain free food.

    At the Natures Recipe website it says how much to feed dogs at different weights eating Natures Recipe but it doesn’t say how many calories are in a cup so I don’t know how much your little darling would eat: http://www.naturesrecipe.com/adult-dog-food/lamb-meal-and-rice-recipe

    Anyway, sorry this was so long. Gwendolyn Rose is a real sweetheart and I’m sure she’ll enjoy her new food. I hope you have a good move !

    Joyce – Wilson Waddlepants mother

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