E is for Eager Beavers

E is for EVERYTHING!  I like the letter E, but that might just be because of my first name.  Either way, there are plenty of words that start with E

Here are some of the things we are EAGERLY looking forward to this April:

  • The day we can finally start our journey West.  The day seems to keep changing on us…
  • Moving into our new house.
  • Having a yard for Gwennie to run around in!
  • Being close to my family
  • Getting my horse back!!!!  I’ve missed him!  He’s my 1100 lb. baby!  He had to stay with my parents while I moved to SC.

Andrew is ready to be out of what he deems to be a “hell hole” while I have mixed emotions.  I’m sad to be leaving my new friends that I’ve made and my job which I have enjoyed.  I didn’t know that I’d enjoy a job in retail but working at a pet store has been pretty fun!  Today I learned some new stuff about ferrets that I didn’t know before.

What a goober!

We took Gwen to the park to play frisbee but today she didn’t seem to really get it.  She run after the frisbee across the field but then she would just run back to us.  At the moment her lazy highness is chewing an antler sideways…she can’t seem to be bothered to hold it in her paws.

I picked up her vet records today and the ladies at the vet didn’t want to let Gwen leave!  They’d seen Gwennie since she was a teeny tiny little puppy.  They’ve watched her grow up and Gwen has definitely grown since he first visit when she weighed only 6 pounds. We got her weighed today and she weighed 27.4 pounds!  What a little porker!  The thing is, she isn’t fat at all!  She’s pretty lean and looks really good.

A question for you:  Is Gwen just a large corgi?  I thought female Pembrokes were only supposed to be around 22-24 pounds?  Wikipedia says that the males are like 22-26.5 pounds and females are like 22-24.5 pounds…she’s healthy and not fat…just seems strange.  I was just wondering.


6 thoughts on “E is for Eager Beavers

  1. What a beautiful dog! Maybe you can use your ferret information for F’s post. Hope your move is a good one – for your husband to be out of his “hell hole” (is that an H post?) must feel like being set free.

    • She did that too! I kept trying to take pictures but that was the best I could do. Everything turned out blurry yesterday. 😦 I think I need to clean the lens because I know I wasn’t moving when I took them!

  2. Great Photos, from one dog lover to another! She is adorable!!! I don’t think she looks large–she looks just Perfect! jean, visiting from A to Z ! 🙂
    #187 on Saturday

  3. Your figures on the breed standard for male and female corgis are a bit understated. But, remember, the “breed standard” is just a set of values that are derived by the AKC and Show Breeders. In the real world, corgis can vary greatly in size. I’ve bred them on a small scale, both my dam and sire being within the breed standard. I’ve gotten pups ranging anywhere from twenty-two to forty-two pounds, all within a healthy weight range for their size. Don’t know what Gwen weights, but as long as she isn’t fat, you have nothing to worry about. I was her at the Corgi Rescue Benefit and she looked just perfect. She really is quite the princess.

    Tom McCarter

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