Slightly Wordy Wordless Wednesday — Soccer Herding!

I apologize in advance for the sound…it was very windy (and cold) when we were out playing soccer with Gwen.  Here are a couple of short videos of Gwen herding the soccer ball.  She absolutely loved chasing it around and sinking her teeth into it every now and then.  Definitely a good way to get out her excess energy, indulge her natural herding nature/instincts, and have fun with her.  Though it is more fun with two people so that the human does not have to go back and forth across the field when the dingaling won’t bring the ball back.  She only herds it to a stop and then looks at you.

By the end of our play time she was so tired but she is like  the energizer bunny and won’t stop!  She was a hot pataytuh (potato) when we got home!  She even slept through dinner time!

I am tempted to let her loose in the soccer field when the middle school girls are practicing…she would love to chase them, I bet!

P.S.  [From Gwen:]  My momma hooman is nerding out over the fact that she figured out how to add an image hyperlinky thingy to the sidebar.  Check out the Yellow Dog Project link over there, or you can just click on the link in this sentence, that works too!  Momma saw a guy who had a yellow ribbon on his leash the other day and talked to him.  He said that she was the first person he’d met that actually knew the significance!  Not even the dog trainer he had talked to knew about it!  In the horse world people put red ribbons on horses’ tails if they are kickers to warn others to stay well back.  They also put red ribbons in their forelocks if they are biters.  Dogs now have the same recognition & warning mechanism albeit in a different color!


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