We’re still alive!

This is not Gwen. Check out all the derpy corgi pictures, I posted the link at the end of the page!  Also, if you click on this picture it will take you to the page.  Enjoy!

Yes, we’re still alive and well.  Andrew is better from his pneumonia and starting to go back to the gym again.  Gwen is just peachy.  Right now she has glued herself to me and won’t let me out of her sight.  I think this comes from being at work all last week and not getting a whole lot of time with the puppy.  Hammies are doing well.  The house on the other hand has been neglected for other things like sleeping and taking care of animals.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, and every Wednesday this month, the water is going to be shut off from 9a-5p so they can put in individual water shut offs to each apartment building.  Sucks.  We’ve had to get some containers to hold water.  Going to try to stay out of the house all afternoon, I think.

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile.  My head has been full of negativity and Gwen hasn’t done anything really “blog worthy” as of late.

Sorry this is so choppy and really not my style.  I’ve been too exhausted lately to write anything.  Figured I should at least do something with the blog today.  I woke up this morning thinking I’d already missed a bunch of days of the A-to-Z Challenge but when I checked, that is still yet to come in April.  Not sure if I’ll be doing that challenge or not anymore.  We shall see.

I do think you should check out this page here.  It is hilarious!


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