Rain, rain, go away!

My new pink raincoat!

Hi Everypawdy!  

My momma has been a bad hooman and hasn’t been updating my bloggy like she should very often lately!  So I decided to take matters into my own paws today.  

It is raining.  I don’t like the rain too much, it’s all wet and puddley.  I like playing in puddles but I don’t like the rain falling on my ears.  Momma got this thing called an “ummm-brella” out today.  I’ve never seen it before.  I barked at it and ran away.  It followed us out into the yard!  I did my business and ran back inside where that umbrella couldn’t get me.  Oh! My momma did get me my very own raincoat!  It’s a little short and my ears make it so the hood doesn’t fit right.  Nothing ever fits a corgi properly!  Maybe I should go into fashion designs and design some proper corgi clothes!  I’d need to hire a bunch of human minions slaves workers to make all my clothes since I don’t have thumbs and my hoomans would fail me I am sure.

My stoopid Romba “friend” ate my favorite leash the other day.  That is NOT what friends do!!!  Luckily da hoomans were able to rescue my leash.  The thingie that held my leashes fell and that’s how the roomba got my leash.  I was in my box at the time otherwise I’m sure I would have rescued it!  See, here is a picture:

Oh, today is Nicky’s 17th birthday!  Nick was my momma’s last gigantic beast horse.  She sold him a few years ago and bought Owen.  I don’t know what horses are yet but I guess my momma has one?  She says I will get to see him very soon.  Nicky was a handful but taught the momma a lot of things and made her a better rider.

This was at Fair in ’06 when they won the Showmanship Belt Buckle!!!

Nicky eating tall grass in the ditch.


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