Run Away Hamster!

This is what she does all day…

It gets difficult to write about doggie adventures when the humans are at work more than at home.  Well, we are at home but on opposite schedules right now.  Figures.  Gwen has been chillin’ around the house being a good little watch dog.  The neighbors knocked over this big sheet of glass they had outside (it had been part of a table that they broke) and it shattered.  Gwen sat there barking an alarm bark for about five minutes and growling at the door while they swept up the mess outside.  Last night, when we took her out to go potty at about 9:30 someone in the next building shut their upstairs bedroom window.  Gwen did not approve.  She barked and barked and barked and then when she finally decided to go potty she sat their growling, facing the window that had shut.  She growled the whole time until we went back inside!

We have continued to let Gwen off her leash in the ball field on her walks, she chases birds and then comes back to us for cookies.  We walk and/or run around for awhile then clip her leash back on and head home.  I’ve been trying to keep her walks as long as I can to get out as much energy as possible — kind of difficult when it is raining or super windy, and you don’t have many nice dog-walkable places to go around your home.  I think the off leash recall practicing (again) has paid off.  The other day when Andrew was leaving for work I had to run out to try and catch him before he left since he forgot his meds.  I grabbed everything and rushed out the door.  Guess who darted out the door thinking she needed to help.  Yup, Gwen.  I yelled for her, she came back, I scooped her up and ran out into the parking lot.  Of course by then Andrew had gotten into his car which was on the far end of the lot, and then proceeded to back out and drive the opposite way I was hoping.  I ran through the parking lot barefoot carrying my dog, his meds and my phone.  I tried yelling for him, waving at him (difficult when carrying a 24# dog), accidently dropping the dog once (she wasn’t hurt, just offended), and calling him but his phone wasn’t working.  I eventually went back inside and tried calling again.  He picked up that time.  I was so shaken by that whole ordeal; adrenaline, fear for the dog, and mad at TK for driving the wrong direction and forgetting his meds, but also glad that the dog came back to me when I called her name even though she darted out the door.

Hamster Update:

finally got a second hamster ball the other day!  I’d found one at the Petco that is near our house, but they didn’t have any of the 5” ones at the store I work at.  So we ended up going to Petsmart and finding one.  They had different colors there but since I’d bought a clear one originally, I felt I had to get another clear one.  So last night we stuck the hammies in their new exercise balls and took them into the kitchen — the only large non-carpet space in the house.  We let them roll around for awhile then I went to cleaning out their cage.  It was time to deep clean the cage, strip out all the bedding and spray down the bottom and sides with cage cleaner.  While we waited for that to dry, TK had put a box in the doorway so they hamsters couldn’t get into the hall.  I had just been thinking “will the hamster balls stay closed???  what happens if they escape?”  I asked TK and he said that they shouldn’t come off.  All of a sudden I heard a louder bang than normal, so I went to investigate.  Lo and behold I found an open, empty hamster ball!  Boris had run into the dishwasher which must have popped the ball open and he escaped!  I was afraid I wouldn’t get him back!  I got down to look under the dishwasher and he ran out!  I trapped him in my hands and scooped him up, yelling for Andrew to get in here and help me get the ball (couldn’t reach it with my hands full of tiny hamster).  We got Boris back into his ball, and then we taped both his and Visili’s doors shut and let them roll around some more while their cage finished drying.  I turned out the light, hoping they wouldn’t be as frantic while they rolled around and they did quiet down, eventually settling in opposite corners of the kitchen.

All said and done I got their cage ready for them and we put them back into the home.  They were happy to go back in their house!  I don’t blame them, that must have been scary for them, especially since the dishwasher was running and probably the reason Boris came back out instead of being lost for good.  I was afraid that Gwen would eventually find Boris before we did and she would eat him!

I’ve been working on “taming” the robos.  They’re really skittish and not very good about being handled, but when I was doing my research on them I came across a bunch of things that indicated that you could get them used to being handled but it would take a little bit of effort and time.  I have been getting them used to running across my hands and have been working on trapping them in my hands to pick them up.  Visili will now crawl willingly onto my hands and stay there for a little bit.  He’ll also crawl up my arm which feels really weird.  Boris on the other hand does not really like being touched at all but will now crawl over my hands.  I was surprised that I was able to catch him so easily!  AND that he did NOT try to bite me when I got him in my hands!

Letting the hamsters run around the kitchen floor in their ball things also provided good incentive to clean the kitchen floor.  I refuse to let them roll around on the carpet and at first I wasn’t so keen on the idea of letting them even have exercise balls in the kitchen, but of course I gave in.  I won’t give in on the carpet issue, though, that is just gross.

When I was little I wasn’t allowed to have rodents, minus a rabbit, I did have a California Rabbit named Bun-Buns.  She looked sort of like this:

Anyways, I wasn’t allowed to have hamsters and my parents still don’t understand why I wanted to get hamsters now.  They did admit they were cute but they still didn’t sound too thrilled with the idea.  I grew up with cats (they lived to be 21, they were older than me when they died), dogs (labs), horses, and fish.  My parents have a fish tank but that is only a result of me having fish when I lived in the house.  Since we had to set my goldfish free in the pond (they outgrew the tank — they were MASSIVE!) my dad has since gotten his own fish which my mom isn’t totally thrilled about but tolerates them.  They currently have my 40 gallon tank and their 20 gallon tank occupying precious space in their new, smaller house.  They keep asking when am I going to take my fish.  Fish aren’t cuddly and my parents’ reasoning against a hamster was that they aren’t cuddly and if you just wanted to look at a pet why don’t you just get more fish?  Seems pretty logical except I wanted Robo Hamsters! 🙂

I haven’t taken many good/blog worthy pictures of Gwen lately — well I have but I haven’t put them onto my computer…  So here are some parting pictures of my hamsters. 🙂

Boris & Visili. Boris is the little smooth one and Visili is the bigger frumply looking one.


Visili the Chubby.





Note to all family:  If you want to get ahold of TK, just text him if you are unsure of his schedule.  He doesn’t get much sleep as it is and phone calls wake him up.  You can also email him.  Not being rude, being informative.  Thanks.


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