The Reasons I Wish to Remain in the South

The Reasons I want to remain in the South:

They don’t have these in Washington.

I would make a great fat kid.

The Reasons I do not like the South:

  • BUGS.  Mainly the Cockroaches. Mosquitoes (yes, those are everywhere but they are worse when you live in a giant swamp…) are a close second.  Here even the bugs have bugs!


Almost half my life I lived in the South, living south of Atlanta.  When we moved to Washington I had to leave behind my beloved Chick-fil-a and Dunkin Donuts.  When Andrew got sent to South Carolina and I helped him move out here, I made him stop at the first Chick-fil-a that we found!  It was all I would eat for lunch while I was here to visit and when I came to visit on my Thanksgiving break, it was all I wanted to eat.  Sundays I ate normal food since they aren’t open on Sundays.  That held me over until I moved out here.  We haven’t had it in awhile, mainly because we’ve been trying to save money and eat a little healthier.

With Andrew looking forward to getting Orders again, I am suddenly not looking forward to it anymore.  I don’t want to have to pack up and leave.  Part of me is secretly hoping that he will get the staff position that he does not want.  (You didn’t hear that from me though.)  He has expressed his wishes over and over to be sent to the fleet as soon as possible, even when they were trying to volun-tell him to take the staff position.  The detailers know where he wants to go, let’s just see if they send him where he wants.  I do not know when he is going to get Orders nor do I know when they will make us leave.  I applied and got a job thinking we were going to be here for the long haul, now he’s getting excited about Orders again and I’m not.  I’ve just made new friends, got myself a job that I am enjoying, and got a new pets (hammies).  Yes, Dad, I know that I have a job while he has a career, and career trumps job.


Random:  I saw this somewhere (I think it must’ve been Pinterest?) and had to share it.  It’s a doggy fountain but I could see some dogs having a good time just playing with this.  They just have to stand on it to get some water to fountain out of it.  Genius.



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