2012 to 2013 — A Whirlwind Year

Awhile back I said that I was working on a mini-project of sorts.  It was in the spirit of New Years and the idea of Resolutions and Reflecting on the past year.  Well here it is.  Starting off, I want to say that 2012 had to be THE BIGGEST year for me by far.  So here goes!

In 2012 I was living alone and finishing up at school in WA while Andrew was in Naval Nuclear Power School in Charelston, SC.  He commissioned in May 2011 and moved out to SC shortly afterwards.  This just gives you an idea of where we were for at least the first half of the year.

In February Andrew graduated from Power School and we (me & my parents) made the trip out for his graduation.  His parents and grandparents were also there.  Honestly, it was too many people for me.  I’m not a big crowds kind of person since crowds or other large groups just frustrate the hell out of me.

Us with Toni (I named his car Toni, as in Toni the Tigress).

Us with my parents.

The last two semesters I had a WSU were my best!  I had full course loads (18 cr.) and I was riding my horse almost everyday and I also did a boxing class (Pink Gloves Boxing) at the Rec my last semester in the mornings.  As well as Swing and Tennis.  I got in shape for the wedding the fun way — by playing instead of actually working out!  Well, boxing was a work out but I loved it!  So in my last semester at WSU I accomplished the following things:

– April:  I got my pink wraps in PGB.  (Big accomplishment.)

– April:  My friend, Nat, and I got our horses into the pond!  Neither had been in water like that before!  We also got them into puddles!  One thing you must know is that there are quite a lot of horses that will avoid having to walk thru puddles at all costs…horses are really just big chickens…

Blowing bubbles…he is a big dork.

– April:  I did my first jumping show with Owen!  Nat competed on Ika (the grey horse), it was their first jumping show together too.  Both of us have prior experience jumping but our 11 y.o. horses had not.  We had our issues but nothing that didn’t make me proud of Owen. 🙂

April 27:  Gwen was born!

– May:  I graduated college!  Got my BA in History with a double major in Spanish.  Don’t ask me what I want to do with them, I don’t know.  I just know that I do not want to be a teacher.

Pictures downtown with one of the mascot statues.

With my parents at my Graduation.

After Graduation is was busy, busy, busy getting ready for the wedding!

June 2:  Andrew & I got married!   We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

After we returned we packed my truck up and headed cross country.  We moved me to SC in about 6 days.  I got to see Gwen for the first time on the way and a week later she officially joined our family!

Gwen at 8 wks. First time I got to see her!

8 wks

A bunch of Gwennie milestones and things were reached as she grew so I won’t put those here, just know that they also made this year a big one watching her play, grow, and learn.

– August 4:  My God-Sister got married!  I flew back home for her wedding. 🙂

Yes, I wore my wedding colors to her wedding. 🙂

– August:  Gwen started puppy classes!  Andrew also started the next stage in his schooling for the Navy.

– October:  Puppy’s First Howl-o-ween!  She wasn’t too thrilled about being dressed up, I don’t think.

– November:  Trip to Atlanta to visit cousins and their Cardi for Thanksgiving.  Such a fun trip!  I am glad we were able to go! 🙂

– December:  Puppy’s First Christmas!  And our first Christmas as a married couple and on the opposite side of the country from our family.

Our year was a very busy, active, and happy one but it should also be noted that we had our own share of heartbreak this year.  My Grandpa (mom’s dad) passed away before Christmas and my Grandma Fluffy (dad’s mom) passed away after Christmas.  Moving away from everyone and everything I know and leaving my horse back at home was also quite hard for me.  With all of this we got through and I will always remember 2012 as the year the world did not end of milestones and memories.


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