Milestone Walk

This is SO Gwen!

The past few days have been busy, for me at least.  Andrew has been camped out on the couch working on resting so the pneumonia goes away.  Gwen has been acting as nurse for him since I’ve been at work.  She sleeps on top of him, jumps on him to make sure he is still alive, and when he has coughing fits she whines and sits with him.  She worries about her hoomans, especially Andrew.

I have wanted to post an update on everything but that obviously has not happened.  Until now.

Last night I was really excited about a new milestone that was reached with Gwen but I was so dang tired by the time I got her home from her walk that I didn’t end up posting anything, not even on Facebook!

Since we were planning on attending a Corgi event, I wanted to make sure that Gwen would have a nice recall on her when we went to the park since I was figuring that I would be taking her on my own, what with Andrew dying of being sick with pneumonia, so I took her to the baseball field by our house to work brush up on her obedience.  This was yesterday, the day before the event (of course) that I wanted to brush up on her skills.  I am so thankful that Corgis are smart little things because that meant we could accomplish quite a bit in our 20 min. pre-dinner walk!

At first I just dropped her leash and did basic commands and let her run around and after a couple minutes I unclipped her leash and kept working with her.  We were running around, practicing the heel command (one that we don’t do as often as we should), practicing tricks, stays, and recall with her name.  Of course the whole time I was packing treats and doling them out quite liberally.  When we do our training sessions we use those *Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls, they are like little sausages and we just break off small pieces as needed.  These are what we used when she was in puppy classes.  Anyways, I’d call her to me and treat her as soon as she came to me.

When the half of roll that I had was about half gone (we use the smallest rolls) I started to take her out the gate to the area between the kiddie park and the ball field.  I did it as a test for her.  She of course passed, treats were involved!  We walked half way back home off leash!  This is amazing since she is always, always on a leash!  I walked her through the kiddie park (there is a fence between us and the road) and when she went fine through there we went the last little way next to the tennis courts off leash but once we got to the little sandy area under the trees I decided to go ahead and put her back on the leash before we had any problems. We walked through the gate to the property where our apartment is and back home to tell Andrew of our newest accomplishment!  I was so excited that she walked off leash with me and paid attention to me every time!  Of course she only wanted the treats but hey, whatever works, right? 🙂

I only let her get about a couple yards away before I said her name to keep her close.  A Gwennie! or a Hey BoBo! and she would look up to me and come over.  At this point she’d get her treat.  Remember me telling about our training sessions with the trainer?  I told about working on the Name Game.  Same thing.  When she comes she gets a treat.

Tomorrow I will tell all about the Corgi event that we went to!  It was so much fun!  That is all I will say about that for now, though! 🙂


*“Complete and balanced nutrition for healthy adult dogs and seniors. For puppies and pregnant/lactating females, our rolls can be fed as a treat or mix with dry food.” — direct from their website.


4 thoughts on “Milestone Walk

  1. YAY! That’s a great accomplishment! So proud of you two! I’m paranoid that Gimli runs away so I’m not at the point yet where I let him off leash. The closest he gets is our 30 ft leash in the park.
    Glad you had fun at the event, there are no such events up here for us, boooooo 😦 Hoping Andrew feels better!

  2. That’s such an awesome accomplishment! I love that you were able to walk all the way home with her off leash! What a good girl.
    I need to brush-up on Norma’s skillz tomorrow because I’m taking her back to her breeder’s house for a play date with her mom and sisters on Tuesday!

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