Pneumonia and A-to-Z Challenge

Little hammy sleeping in the corner.  So cute!

Gwen is sitting here chewing on an antler on the couch.  When I gave her the first antler back in the fall I wouldn’t let her chew on it on the couch.  Now I have relented/given up.  She can chew on the antler anywhere.  Bully sticks and rawhides are on the floor though!  Those both stink and have yucky residual stuff that comes off them.  I guess this is like human parents giving up on their human children.  This whole thing reminds me of this thing I once saw on Pinterest…

This sounds about right, don’t you agree?

This just in:  medical update on the husband is that he has pneumonia.  Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  We all called it, he just finally got diagnosed it.  We tried to go in to the ER this morning but to get the Navy to still pay for it he had to call the Corpsman at the hospital and say that he needed to go to the ER, they transfered him to the Nurse’s station who was supposed to “decide if you need to go to the ER or not” but they put us on hold for like 5 min, hung up and tried again and the same thing happened.  So he was like screw it I will just go to sick call again and demand to see a doctor if they try to dismiss me again.  So the Corpsman that looked at him today said that his lungs did NOT sound fine and got him in for a chest X-Ray before the doctor came to see him.  Now he has a whole bunch of medicine to take.  He is coming home today to be a slug and is on light duty for awhile after that while he gets better.

Andrew being sick puts a kink in our weekend plans. 😦  We were going to go to this Corgi event on Saturday but I guess now it will just be Gwen and I.

Today, I signed up to do the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge in April!  Basically it is posting everyday (except Sundays) using the letter of the day to determine what your theme is for the post.  The sign ups for it are open right now, go ahead and click on the link to find out more information about it and maybe even sign up!  Any kind of blog/blogger can do it!  Check out some of the other blogs that are already signed up!  Since it is a pretty open topic (just gotta incorporate “the letter of the day” in the theme) I think this will be pretty fun!  Though I am wondering how it will work when I want to tell about some of Gwen’s ridiculousness of the day…guess we will find out in April!

(Apparently I like exclamation marks today!)


4 thoughts on “Pneumonia and A-to-Z Challenge

  1. I’m sooo sorry to hear that Andrew has pneumonia 😦 How awful, but I’m so glad that (it sounds like) he finally good good care at the base clinic! I hope that they caught it early and that it will clear up quickly. If he likes tea, hot tea is a great thing to help with the congestion. Best wishes for feeling well soon!

    Your little hammie is sooooooo cute!!!!!! Is Gwen jealous at all?

    • It did sound like (I wasn’t there this time) he actually got some good, competent care today! Thank goodness! Oh yes he likes tea! I think any little thing helps, he’s been pretty miserable for a few days.
      Thanks! I think she is a little jealous — she keeps trying to get into the box where we keep all their stuff and whenever we go over there she wants to see and she jumps up. She’s such a little goober some days! 🙂

      • My husband is sick now, too! I think he’s getting pneumonia, and the doc at sick call told him that he had an upper respiratory infx, too! Annnd … they gave him Motrin/”Vitamin M”. Sometimes I think that Motrin sponsors the Navy! haha.

      • Oh no! What is it with these guys getting sick?! Tell him we say to get well soon!
        And of course, Vitamin M, the staple of the Navy! lol
        Gwen has a message for Norma: “puppy kisses and cuddles will make your daddy feel better!” 🙂

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