Muddy Dog: The Model — Part III

For the last installment of our three part serial the best has been saved for last!  She may have been a muddy mess but even models get covered in mud for photo shoots sometimes, right?

And now a word from our model, Gwen:  Hi everyone!  Guess what my hoomans decided to let me have!  My very own Facebook page!!!   You can “like” on Facebook since I already know that you like me here. 😉  If you look off to the right side on the column of goodies (you might have to scroll up a little) you will see the spot where if you click it will take you to my new Facebook Page At the moment the page is still very new and my humans will help me to make it look pretty and help me type (my chubby paws sometimes get in the way!) so you can have more updates of all my Corg-tastic adventures I have!


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