Muddy Dog: Tricks — Part II

I am so trixie!  Momma shulda named me Trixie!  Momma wrote my last bloggy post but had tooooo many pictures for just one bloggy so she decided to makes it into tree!

My momma and daddy hoomans both worked today so they left me in kitchen jail.  I was mad so I peed in my bed in the kitchen.  They said I should’ve been able to hold it.  I don’t think so.

Hi-5! (“shake”)

This is what I look like when I take cookies and shake at the same time!

BANG! …my favorite trick!

Stooopid camera was being blurry!

Momma hooman had some interesting experiences at worky today.  She told us these stories when she got home.  I’ll tell them in momma hooman voice:

I almost cried today when I had to box up and sell a feeder rat!  I got the rat out of the cage and put it in the box.  The people didn’t even care which it was, meaning that I had to pick.  When it looked at me it almost made me cry because it looked so sad!  I looked like it knew that it was going to be eatten!!! 😦

I saw a corgi today!  A Pem!  His name was Max.  I talked to his owner about corgis for a little bit and she asked about mine.

The momma says she is getting more used to the cash register thingy and it is getting easier.  There are times when she has problems but not quite as much.  Most is stuff that she hasn’t done.  Like accepting checks.  She is glad that there is hope for her yet!  She isn’t as scared of the customers anymore, just the telephone.  She doesn’t like the telephone.  Or paging people, but she is getting better at that since she has to do it lots — lots of people wanting to buy things means she needs back up.  I heard all about that too.  There were lots of people at her work today because it was another adoption day!

We are just going to cuddle now.  And watch Cinderella on the TV.  I like cuddling with the hoomans.  Especially on my sofa.  I let them sit on it sometimes.  They like to wrap me up like a burrito to stay warm.  Both hoomans are tired though I don’t know what from,  not like they did anything today.



4 thoughts on “Muddy Dog: Tricks — Part II

  1. Awww .. I love these pictures! I wish our dogs could play together! We are having one of those “new dog parents” days where we over committed to social activities, and we’re rushing home between activities to play with Norma and run her around the block for a few times, hoping that she doesn’t feel neglected. I’m so sorry about the rat situation! I would have been teary-eyed too … I don’t know if I could actually pick a rat!

    I hope that you’re having a great Sunday!!

      • She’s only played with her siblings … unfortunately we don’t know anyone who has a corgi for her to play with. I can only imagine how funny it would be to watch them try to herd each other! It’s too bad that Gwen didn’t get to play with that other corgi 😦

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