Muddy Dog — Part I

Guess where we went today!  The doggie park!  We tried to go in the morning but it apparently did not open until noon so we went home and came back later.  It’s like a 15-20 min drive too.  Gwennie had fun and is worn out!  She got so muddy but I have good intentions to get her to the groomer this week (once I know when I’m working) so she can get a good bath and brushing!  It will be much easier to just show you some pictures. 🙂

LEAPING out of frame to some other fun!

I took a TON of pictures of Miss Gwyndolyn today!  I have decided that I am going to make this in a two or even three part thing.  There are too many pictures for one post, I am afraid.  I have a few that are very pretty minus the fact that Gwen is covered in MUD!  She is a big show off too.  Andrew made her do tricks and I took pictures. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Muddy Dog — Part I

  1. Still LOL’ing about her rear legs in the last picture. I call Norma “my pork chop” often because I think her rear legs look like adorable little pork chops, and Gwen’s look like pork chops there, too! Haha.

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