Resolutions and Reflections?

After seeing so many New Years Resolutions and Reflections back on the past year it has gotten me thinking.  I’m thinking that we, Gwen’s Hoomans, and I suppose Gwen too, should figure out a couple resolutions for the year and actually try to stick to them!  I myself never make New Years Resolutions since I know I will not be able to keep them.  Maybe if I call them “goals” instead of “resolutions” it might work better…I am a very goal oriented person.

Right now I am working on a little project. 🙂  Corgified Candy inspired me with a couple of her New Years posts.  I really like the ideas so I am just forming them to fit my needs.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

I also want to start some sort of year(ish) long project.  I have been mulling this over in my head for days.  I want to do something that takes up the whole year and then I will have something at the end to look back on.  I have seen a bunch of the 365 projects — take a picture everyday for 365 days — but I am not sure if I want to do one of those.  I have considered it in the past since a friend of mine has done 3, one of which he did on Facebook, the others were on Flickr, I think.  If I did one of those I do not think I would put it on this account since I don’t want to fill it up with pictures when I already post a boat load of Gwen photos.

Got any ideas?  


Apart from that, I don’t have much to post about Gwen since I wasn’t home at all yesterday.  We did decide last night that we are going to put Gwen in kitchen jail when I have to go to work instead of leaving her in her crate.  Andrew was home yesterday but since he was sleeping he never let her out.  Granted, he does need to sleep so he can do his godawful hours at work.  He asked me if the Roomba had run yesterday, which it had.  Apparently Gwen was either quietly watching the Roomba from the safety of her crate or she barked her head off and Andrew didn’t hear a thing.  Maybe I should ask our neighbors!

Sundays are the best day to work!  (There is no sarcasm there at all. Seriously.)  That is the day they get their shipments and so everyone has to unpack the pallets and boxes and shelf stuff.  I got very well acquainted with the dog treats yesterday!  I also did some shelving in small animal (hamster, guinea pig, etc.), bird and reptile too.  Birds are by far the easiest of all those!  I finished off in Aquatics, which had to be my favorite part.  I love fish (though, not to eat!) and it was great getting to know that section too.  The good thing about shelving everything is you learn where things are in the store! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Resolutions and Reflections?

  1. Have you tried kitchen jail, yet? Norma is in first floor jail, and we now leave her out at night too. She hasn’t had any accidents or done anything bad while alone … YET. We started by leaving her alone for short periods of time and worked up to overnights. Now, she only goes in her crate when she is ready for us to go to bed at night so that she can have quiet sleepy time!

    • Andrew put her in kitchen jail when I was gone back home but I haven’t done it yet. I didn’t know how he had it set up so I’m going to have him show me. I’ve left her alone in the living room for short periods of time, but I’m afraid of the mayhem she could reap if left alone for hours on end in the living room!

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