Gwen and the Roomba are getting along a little better now.  The Roomba started up and she ran right over to it barking, like it was misbehaving and making her mad by waking up.  Little miss Corgi decided to give that Roomba a piece of her mind!  After a barking spell she came and sat by us but kept her eyes and ears on that thing the whole time.  When the Roomba was all done and headed to its dock, Gwen made sure that it got there and didn’t try to take any detours.  Yup, that’s right, she herded it home.  And when it made its little “I’m home!” tune she started to bark at it.  I don’t mean a WOOF WOOF bark, I mean a BAROOROOROO! bark!

It is weird going to work on the weekend, especially since Andrew is working on the weekend too.  I have no clue what day it is without looking at my phone or the calendar!

Today was my first day of work.  It was interesting to say the very least. Never a dull moment.  I was SO tired by the end of the day!  I  work tomorrow too, maybe it will be a bit easier since it won’t be my first real day of work.  I learned how to clean all the rodent cages, fed and watered them, picked up a mouse that was injured, took care of the kitties (they’re rescue kitties), shadowed another associate as she helped people in fish and at the register.  I finished the rest of the computer training.  Then came the exciting stuff:  cash register.  I was up at the register watching for awhile until they could actually teach me the things.  People would ask me if I could ring them up and I had to tell them no since I was still in training and only in the observing stage.  It was SO busy today!  They had an adoption event and also a vet event too so there were tons of people and dogs coming in and out.  Towards the end I did get to ring people up and it was slightly nerve-racking since I had never done it before and I was afraid of messing up!  I messed up a few times, apologized to the customers for being slow and new and got it fixed.  Most everyone understood since they did realize that I was new (I didn’t even have the uniform shirt yet, got that this afternoon) and were patient.


7 thoughts on “BAROOROOROO!

    • So far it is doing well with the hair! My parents have one (they’ve got a lab) and it’s done well for them. Our roomba is still new, we have it going once everyday and then dump out the dirt after every time and so far it has been doing well on the war against the corgi hair!

  1. Hi Liz,
    Congratulations on the job..not sure how I would handle the rodents…snakes & bugs no problem.
    Gwen is so cute…miss all of you.

  2. Norma just let out her first official BAROOOOO tonight!!! Michael and I were just discussing last night that we hadn’t heard her do anything other then yip and whine to us … and lo and behold … she finally let out not just one BAROO, but THREE!!! I can’t wait until she gets a more adult voice on a regular basis (and I’m sure that our neighbors will be relieved, too!) 😉 I hope everything is still great at work!!

    • Yay Norma!!! Just wait until she becomes your full fledged security alarm! 😉 I think the BAROO barks are so cute! Gwen doesn’t do them often but when she does it just makes me laugh. And howling. Howling is adorable! I wish I could get her to howl on command…that would be awesome! 🙂

      • Oh gosh, Norma doesn’t howl yet!!! I will definitely be on the lookout for that one!! If I come up with a way to train her to howl on demand, I’ll tell you how! Haha, these corgis are so funny …

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