Jobless No More!

I got a job!  Yay! 😀  I start tomorrow!  Going to be working part time at Petco.  I wonder if they give employee discounts?!  Because if they did that would be AWESOME!  I already keep them in business by buying lots of dog food, dog treats, dog toys, and fish things!  I’ve always wanted to work in a pet store of some sort so at least I have my foot in the door.  Training things happen first, like learning the cash register…

This reminds me of my trip to that Petco for my initial interview (that was my second one that I went to yesterday).  When I was waiting patiently for my interview I was watching the dogs being groomed through the window.  Guess what was up on the grooming table.  A Corgi of course!  It was up there to get its nails trimmed and it had such an ugly snarling face!  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Every time Gwen snarls at me it makes me laugh.

I was going to give Miss Stinky Gwen a bath today but that never happened since I decided to take a nap after going shopping — had to buy some black pants for my new job!  Shopping makes me tired, I am not a fan of it unless it involves something fun like Horse stuff, Dog stuff, or books.  I love bookstores! So Gwen will just have to be stinky for a little while longer. 😦

Gwen had a slightly better experience with the Roomba today.  She laid on the couch for part of the cleaning, watching it and growling “menacingly” at it.  Hopefully Gwen will figure out sometime soon that when the Roomba starts up that she just needs to go hide under the bed.  That is, until the Roomba comes and hunts her down, chasing her out from under the bed!

As a new Roomba owner I feel the need to watch it work and get mad at it when it isn’t cleaning the room I want.  Is this normal???

I saw this on one of the Corgi pages I follow on Facebook. It has to be the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time! So cute!!!


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