Puppy Got a Roomba

No, this is not us, this is what Roomba thinks the family dog SHOULD do when there is a Roomba present…from my experience, this is not how it goes. That dog OBVIOUSLY wants to get the heck outta dodge but there must be some awfully tasty treats involved keeping it in place while the evil Roomba approaches.

I think I have mentioned it before, but one of the blogs that I follow and really enjoy is Puppy on a Roomba.  Well, we just got a Roomba!  My parents and cousins each have one and basically swear by them (or their similar counterparts).  I’ve wanted one for a long time to help with the massive amounts of vacuuming I always seem to be doing with this little Welsh Beast that lives in my house.  Our Roomba was a Christmas present from my parents and we just now (yesterday) set it up!  It took us awhile since I wanted to clean the house first — I felt that getting behind on 3 days worth of vacuuming could be detrimental to our new little robot!  Then I went home for the weekend and then we just never got around to it until yesterday.

Gwen was NOT happy about this THING living in HER living room.  We charged it up and then set it free for a couple minutes last night at around 9 pm (not my idea, I might add!) and of course Gwyndolyn Rose was not a happy camper…

Sorry the video was so dark, I didn’t think it would turn out like that.  That was what she did to it last night.  She growled and barked a little.  This morning’s reaction has been quite a bit louder and a bit hyper-vigilant which consists of hiding behind or next to the humans and barking and vibrating since when she isn’t barking or breathing she is growling.  I put her in the bedroom and closed the door and she went under the bed and hid quietly.  That lasted until Andrew came back and opened the door so that the Roomba could clean the floor…it chased Gwen out from under the bed!

As I type this now the Roomba is once again back in the bedroom making its rounds and I assume eating as many dust and hairs as possible since I have not vacuumed back here as recently as I should have.  *Hangs head in shame*  It’s battery is getting low too so I wonder if it will even make it back to its little docking station or if I am going to have to carry it back to its “home.”  My parents’ Roomba gets stuck under furniture and will go until it just dies sometimes.  They have a big house and a large, shedding Black Lab.

I looked down at the Roomba that seemed to be stuck in a perpetual circle next to the bed and it had the Dock light on, meaning it was trying to go back to its home, but it was obviously a little lost.  So I stopped it and carried it to the hall and then hit Dock and watched it go find its home.  Gwen of course started barking at it when it came back into “her” living room.  I heard Andrew say “shut up dog or I am going to hold you next to that thing until you quit barking!”  That gave me an idea!  I got out the jar of Bil-Jacks (little soft treats that are great treats for training) and worked Gwen close to that new “thing” living behind the dining room table.  I made her walk forward a couple steps and sit or lay down and then gave her the treat.  We worked closer and closer to the Roomba until she was eating the treats around it and then on top of it!  At least she will go near it when it is off now.  I guess only time will tell if she quits barking at it randomly.

I was going to try to keep this post relatively short but it looks like that may not happen.  After not writing anything for a few days I have the urge to keep writing!  Don’t worry, this will be all about Gwen! 🙂

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to our favorite dog park, Sky Dogs, to make up for having left Gwen in her box for the afternoon so we could go to the range and shoot.  Gwen absolutely loves going to the dog park!  On our way in the gate we saw Romeo, the puppy that Andrew fell in love with and wanted to adopt a couple weeks ago.  Romeo has grown and is still very sweet.  Gwen went up to him to say hi.  Once inside Gwen found some other dogs to play with and Lo and Behold the was another CORGI there!!!! 😀  I had yet to see another Corgi at the dog park!  Her name was Sydney and she was cute.  Gwen’s Beagle friend, Tobias, was there again.  I guess the last time Andrew took Gwen to the park, Tobias and Gwen had a baying/barking match.

At Sky Dogs they have an agility course which you can take your dog through or just play with the different obstacles.  Gwen likes the balance beam thing.  I got a little video of her on it! 🙂

The little Welsh Beast that we share our house with ate $6 cash Saturday night.  The $6 that we were going to use to pay to get into the dog park!  (it costs humans $3 ea. to enter, dogs are free)  The other day she tore up a book that Andrew got for Christmas.  Spiteful little you-know-what.

When I got up this morning, I came out to the living room to take Gwen outside and I found her sleeping in the middle of the floor.  Apparently we forgot to lock her crate door last night.  I don’t think we even closed her door because it was open and behind her water dish, meaning she couldn’t put it there.  I don’t know how we did that.  My guess is that she was in her crate when we turned out the lights and went to bed.  I checked to see if she destroyed anything and it didn’t look like it.  She was a good puppy!  Though she will still be sleeping in her crate, I don’t want to push the limits with the little devil!

Right now on Modern Marvels they are doing Dogs!  Gwen is watching it. 🙂  I haven’t seen a Corgi on it yet.  Every time a wolf howls or someone whistles or a dog barks she looks!  It’s cute since she never pays attention to the TV even when dogs are barking on it!


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