I Saw Gwennie Killing Santa Claus…

Gwen got to go see Santa today!  They also had one of the adoption things going on at Petco when we were there.  It was difficult to walk past all the dogs outside and then when we left going past them was doubly hard since we stopped to look.  There was a pretty Sheltie that was on the end that caught our eye.  We definitely are not ready for another HERDING dog to say the least.  Not until we have a nice BIG yard for them!  There was also a Min Pin/Pug mix.  He looked like a miniature Rottweiler!  Oh he was cute!

Gwen was a good girl for Santa!!  She even helped to get some other doggies to pay attention.  She ended up being the prop that got them to stare straight at the camera…I held her up so they would look up for the picture.  For being such a good girl for Santa, Gwen got a new Santa toy!  I wondered how long it would take for her to destroy it. It took less than 10 minutes to figure out how to get Santa’s head off.  She UNTIED it!  It was tied on since the body was basically a doggie pom-pom.  She thinks it’s great!  It’s like having two toys in one!  A squeaky head and a fluffy pom-pom thing with legs!  (See her handy work in the second picture…)  Hence the title:  I Saw Gwennie Killing Santa Claus.

Just another Christmas song adapted to fit the needs of a Corgi!

Gwen Santa

We are going to see The Hobbit in a couple hours once puppy goes to bed.  I am excited!!!  We watched 21 Jump Street this afternoon and when we (the humans) laughed Gwen barked.  I am not sure if she just does not like laughing or if she just wanted to join in the fun.  


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