Puppy on a Playground

This weekend was all about Gwen.  We felt that she had been a little neglected (gasp!) over the past week or so.  She spent a lot of time in her crate in the past week or so as I did some Christmas shopping and dealt with different problems out of the house all week.  I felt that we owed it to her to spend some good quality fun time with her.  So we went to the park!  TWICE!

Andrew convinced me to go with him to frisbee on Saturday with the promise of “there will be a puppy there!”  Said puppy was not there.  I think it was just a ploy to let him go play frisbee with the guys instead of staying and playing tennis with me.  *ahem!*  Last weekend Gwen was not able to go since she was still on light play time restrictions because of her slight limp.  One of the guys brought a 9 week old labrador puppy out to the park while the guys played.  I wanted to see the puppy!!!  I got out of bed and drove to the park and there was no puppy. 😦  So after playing with Gwen for awhile, Andrew put the tie-out stake in the ground and I left Gwen there to watch the guys until I came back to pick them up.  I went home to shower and also grab the camera since I had intended on taking outdoor pictures of Gwen at the park.

Apparently when I left Gwen started to howl!  I remember when we first got her and one of the first times we put her in her crate she started to howl.  My reaction to it was, “Oh great.  It howls.”  That was when we actually cared if our dog was loud or annoying.  We have since gotten over that.  She barks whenever she feels like it.  Thankfully, she is not an obnoxious barker or howler!  (knock on wood!)

I returned when the guys were just finishing up playing.  Andrew then helped me take pictures of Gwen and we let her play.  She even got some off-leash time!  She was a tired pup by the time we got all done!  The best part of it was playing on the playground!  I don’t think you would believe me if I didn’t post pictures of it.  Gwen went down the slide!!!  At first she hated it since it was the tube-slide but then when I made her go down the normal slide she loved it and even went back up to the top on her own and came down to me at the bottom!  There were steps she could climb and this thing that was like a reverse slid, it was bumpy and meant for climbing.  She liked that.

We tried not to make her go down the slide too many times since we didn’t want her to hurt herself.  We just stuck the camera on the sport mode so it got 25 slides with each click…meaning I had a whole slew of pictures to go through!  I like looking at them and being able to see the motion, kinda like a flip book!  There are more pictures than I normally like to put in a post but I couldn’t help but sharing all of these! 🙂

She slept sooooo good Saturday afternoon and night!  We left her at home in her crate so we could run to the mall for some Christmas shopping and lunch.  I don’t think she really cared about that stay in her crate!  I am pretty sure she did not move at all while we were gone!

Sunday we decided to head up to the dog park!  We were there for a grand total of 3 hours!  Gwen was much more outgoing this time at the doggie park!  She showed teeth for a little while at the beginning and then put them away and played nicely.  There were a lot of big dogs there at first then some small dogs showed up and even a bunch of puppies!  They were mostly large puppies so they were the same height if not taller than her.  She tended to wander around around and chase (herd) the other dogs.  If another dog ran after a ball then she would run after that dog!  She never tried to take the ball from the other dogs though.  So far she has only tried to take something from Rio and I think that was because it was inside play.  She hasn’t quite figured out that you can play with toys outside too.  To her, outside is more for smells and chasing things!  Oh yes, and rolling in stinky stuff…

Gwen even decided to venture into the pond on her own!  Some other dogs joined her and splashed around a bit.  She went belly deep and then decided that was far enough.  The mud was so black…you can guess what her feet looked like when she got out…

…guess who got a bath when we got home!  Gwen was very well behaved for her “water torture.”  It was the most painless bath I have ever given my dog to date!  She even tolerated the blow drier to get her thick coat all dry!  🙂

While we were at the doggie park we humans even socialized with other humans! *gasp!*  While socializing we met this little 4 month old puppy who is in foster care and quite available for adoption!  His name is Romeo and Andrew fell in love with him…

He is the sweetest little guy!  And so shy!  The lady said that he has come a long ways since he was rescued!  He let Andrew approach him and sit there for some love.  He even got up and came and sat by me.  He was so tired and just wanted to rest in the shade and be with people.  He is not yet a cuddler.  He got up and chased away another dog at one point because it was getting on his nerves.  He is such a sweetie and I hope he finds a good home.  At the moment we do not think that we are the appropriate home for him as much as we would love to take him in.  Gwen would learn to get a long with a big-little brother but we both (after much painful thinking and soul searching) agreed that we aren’t equipped to handle two dogs at the moment.  For that we need a yard.  I would like to see him on a day when he has more energy….  If he is going to be a couch potato kind of guy then that might be a different story!  Either way I will not allow a dog to come into our home right before Christmas.  It would not be fair to him.  I want to know where we are going to be going to and when that will be, too…if we are going to be here for months then no, but if we get out of here when we are supposed to then it could be a possibility!  Also, I am not sure I want to go through more potty training right after Gwen!  The lady says he is housebroken with only a couple minor accidents which have all been her own fault and none of his.  Still, Andrew and I can’t stop thinking about this little guy…  O Romeo, Romeo!  Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

P.S.  Gwen and Romeo got along…she sat on his paws and he just sat there.  We also saw a Great Dane, a long haired German Shepherd (born and bred in Germany!), and a Westie! 🙂

EDIT:  The more I think about this little puppy the more I want him and the more I think we could make it work.  I am currently unemployed after all…


3 thoughts on “Puppy on a Playground

  1. Great pictures! Gwen is so big now, they grow so quickly don’t they? She is lovely, love her facial expressions 🙂 My favorite is the one where she’s sitting on the play set and staring at the camera lol. I love when they make that face. I’ve never taken Gimli to the playground near us, I might have to do that this weekend 🙂

    • That they do! I miss the little chubby puppy we brought home! We were lucky enough to be there when no one was around so we didn’t get any weird looks for our dog being on the slide! 🙂

  2. Your sweetie is sooo pretty! I agree, I can’t believe how fast they grow up. We’ve only had Norma for 5 weeks and she is already night-and-day different then when we brought her home! I especially love the playground pictures of her (the one looking up the enclosed slide was my favorite)! We are thinking about bringing Norma to the beach this weekend … we’ll see how she does 🙂

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