A little more focus?

I have a million things I want to write about, narrowing it down to a manageable amount for one post is the difficult part!  I love writing — History major, remember — so when I sit down to do a post it usually ends up longer than I had originally intended.  I also love pictures, especially if they have cute puppies in them!  I found this earlier today and can’t not share it!  I mean how can anyone resist rolly polly corgi puppies?!  I also found this.  You should look at them both. 🙂

Okay, now down to business!  Gwen. Corgi. Christmas.  Running.  Lunch.  Laundry.  Walks.  A frapping corgi.  Tired.  That is my day in a nutshell!  Gwen is sleeping on my feet with two flossys (ropey toys) right next to her head and little pieces strewn about the room.  Guess what I get to do when this post is all done…

We won’t be going to puppy class for awhile now.  Yesterday while I was at Target picking up some gift tags and laundry detergent (yes, I am finally caught up!!! 🙂  Just got to fold now…ugh!) I got a text from our trainer saying that he would not be in today and may not be back at that location again.  Almost immediately after I got a call from an unknown number which I let go to voicemail since I was in the store.  “If it is important enough then whoever it is will leave a message.”  That is my philosophy.  (I hate talking on the phone!)  Something had to have happened because our trainer either quit or was fired, I do not know.  When I asked him if something had happened all he said was “it was time to move on.”  Enough said.

When I got to the car and checked my voicemail after I finished shopping, I called Petco back and talked to the guy who had called me and he asked me if I could switch to Saturdays.  Well, Saturdays just do not work for us.  It’s the only day we can go to the Range and we also like being tourists in the town we live.  I asked if I could think about it and then ended up going in to the Store on my way home.  I asked for the same guy I’d been talking to, since we’d only had 2 classes I asked if we could get a refund instead of either being forced to change to a trainer we didn’t want (their other current trainer) or wait for the new trainer who is still going through her training.  His other option was for us to go to a different location which I didn’t really want to do.  The guy said he had to call his general manager to find out if we could be given a refund since we had already done 2 classes and the company/store policy is before two classes for a refund.  Since it was not our fault that we were in this whole predicament the GM allowed the guy to give us the refund.  Since I did not have the card used to purchase the classes (it was Andrew’s card) the guy said we could try my credit card but he was not sure it would work.  So I suggested a store credit instead since we shop there often enough.  So that is what we did.  I am now the proud owner of a Petco gift card with the value of $99.95!  Imagine what I could buy for my little spoiled corgi!  🙂

Most bad things have a silver lining, right?  I would like to think that the silver lining of this situation is that we can look for a new place to go for puppy training.  I want to find a place to do group obedience classes or something.  I just want to get into something more of group work with her so she can behave around other dogs and other distractions too.  I wanted to do that this time around but someone vetoed it since he still wanted to work with the same trainer.  Either way, our trainer did some great work with our little goofy dog.  Gwen is smart and he was able to show us the right directions to take her with her training.  By the time she was done with her Puppy Level I classes she had already gone passed what they taught in the Level II.  🙂

Wrapped presents.  Got everything in piles, just got to put them in boxes to send out!  All we’ve got left are some gift cards to pick up and a couple presents for our Christmas guests and we’re done!  Or at least I am done. 🙂  (Not counting stocking stuffers.)

Took Gwennie to the park behind our house and she actually chased the frisbee!!!  Important milestone for her!  We ran around she chased me, I chased her.  Corgis apparently do not like being chased, they would rather be the ones doing the chasing!  We saw big fire ant mounds although they are more flat in nature than hill like. I think the cooler weather might be making them keep closer to the ground.  I wonder if there is any correlation.

We don’t have a mantle here so I improvised…


…in lieu of a fireplace I used our picture of our name that we got on our honeymoon in HI.  Mine is the black/silver, Gwen’s is obvious, and Andrew’s is the gold one.  I think his stocking is boring but he picked it out.  I think it is bigger than mine.  Gwen’s is the biggest of the three and she is the littlest!


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