It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Gwen isn’t quite sure what to do about all these new decorations or the giant green monster (tree) that the humans dragged into the house this weekend.  She didn’t pay much attention to the tree for most of the day until evening when she started to bark at it.  I’m not sure if she thinks it is any better with lights on it, or ornaments.  I made her sit under it to get some pictures with my new tree skirt, and now that we have picked out which star to put on the top I will have to get another picture!  (I bought 2 stars since I couldn’t choose at the store.)

Monday, Gwen had a stand-off with the Christmas tree.  She kept hopping around, growling and barking at it!  Not sure who won…

I bought her a Christmas sweater, I’m horrible, I know.  The sweater is just a tad small now so I might have to cut it so it fits her chest better.  She’s grown since I bought the last doggie clothing item.  The sweater will look cute for when we get a “family” picture!

I think it killed her

She finally gave in to the sweater. You can see the pattern of her sweater here.

I wrapped up our present today for the Corgi Secret Santa Gift Exchange!  I am so excited to get this in the mail and also to receive Gwen’s present!!!

My little dorkapotamus dog has taken a liking to the Christmas wrapping paper…the other day I caught her in the office with it.  She had chewed off an entire corner (large, think hand size)!  She keeps nibbling on the presents and the rolls.  I whacked her with the wrapping paper tube when I caught her chewing on presents and paper rolls and it worked, I think.  We shall see.  She’s only done it a couple times so far.  She was laying on top of them earlier while NOT chewing on them earlier.

As you should know by now, Gwen has a strong tendency to steal socks.  She does not discriminate from clean or dirty, male or female.  They are all good in her book.  Well, she has been stealing them and stashing them under our bed.  She has figured out that the humans take away the socks when she runs out into the living room with them but they can’t get under the bed!  We pulled at least ten socks out from under the bed last night!  She had them stashed in different spots, mostly in the middle but some were between the stuff we have stored under there.  That would explain why we have so many pairs of socks that were incomplete!

Yesterday, I felt fat and lazy. So I went to the gym. Then after coming home and showering, I ate 2 cookies. Those really good soft sugar cookies with the frosting on top. Kind of negated any good that my workout did… but they tasted so good!!! A theory I like to operate on is “I went to the gym, I EARNED this!”  another theory of a friend of mine “oh this large pizza doesn’t count because I went to the gym today…”  I like her theory too. 🙂  I have not felt very motivated lately, especially with crazy upstairs asking “hey, when you are you going to the gym again?” because she wants to tag along.  I don’t really want to go to the gym with her.  I feel she would talk my ear off and then I wouldn’t be able to focus and I would probably fall and break my neck.

Status update on our water situation:  Moved the washer and dryer out and cleaned the walls and floor behind there and then cleaned our bathroom floors.  It is starting to smell better.  I have also become one of those people that lights candles everywhere to make the room smell better.  I also have Glade Plug-ins and one of those scented oil things.  The smell is getting better.  I am also catching up (slowly but surely) on the huge accumulation of laundry that we had after Thanksgiving weekend that was prolonged through last week’s water debacle.  Our washer also cut through the linoleum when we put it back.  I wonder how much that’s going to cost us…the lady at the office said not to worry about it when I went to report it.  So I wonder what that REALLY means…  Either way, things are looking up!  I hope.

Also, you should check out this page.  It has a bunch of cute corgi pictures.  This corgi likes to play dress up!

Tomorrow (?) I will post the pictures of puppy with the tree!  I think they deserve their own post.  🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. Yes, the first picture is my favorite too!! She’s soooo pretty!! I also love those soft sugar cookies … I saw a recipe for them on Pinterest but I’m afraid to make them. I think that I’ll eat the whole batch! I have 0 self control with those things!

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