The Downside of “Southern Hospitality”

I have a feeling that this post will turn into a rant about my neighbor which I have already mentioned once before.  I do try not to talk about people as much as possible since I never know who may be reading this, but in certain instances I cannot help it.  I apologize in advance.  (Plus I know she does not have a computer, nor have I told her that we have a blog about our dog.)

The past couple days have been so hectic around here!  You would think it was because I was trying to get ready for Christmas or something.  But alas it was because of water problems stemming from our upstairs neighbor.  (I told you it wouldn’t take long to get to the neighbors…)  We came home from the Thanksgiving weekend and there was water coming out from under our washing machine in puddles. (I swear I will get to the dog parts soon!!!)  So I asked if a maintenance guy could come out and help me figure out if it is coming from the wall (which I thought) or if it was my washer and if I needed to call someone else.  Our washing machine is only a little over a year old!

Fast forward to the next day.  Maintenance comes out and long story short figures out that when the upstairs neighbors flushes their hall bathroom (they have 2 b.rooms whereas we only have 1 + a laundry room) that it makes the water come up from the washer’s drain pipe and occasionally overflow onto my floor.  Yes, we had potty water on our floor!  Our laundry room just happens to connect to our bedroom.  So yes, our bedroom reeks!  I had thought something had died back there at one point…

3 hours of work today by two maintenance guys and they even had to call in the professionals at Roto Router to come in.  They found out that there was a rag stuffed down in the pipe which had been causing the problems.  They also told me that it was not the first time they had to remove things from the toilet/pipes upstairs…so there is a history of problems and it is seriously getting old!  That lady needs to either watch her kids better or lock them out of the bathrooms!  Needless to say I no longer have any pity for ANY of her piddley problems.  I am now waiting for the carpet cleaner guy to show up to clean my carpet in the bedroom since potty water seeped into the carpet.  Free of charge, thanks to it not being any of my own fault!

Okay, NOW we get to the dog part!  With all that going on yesterday with the maintenance guy coming in and the neighbor basically inviting herself (“can I borrow a dog leash?” and then her kids come in and so she and her dog come in without asking if the dog can come in), her two young children, and their big, old, smelly dog  (who looked like he also had some nasty skin problem!!)  into my home, Gwen escaped!  She ran out the door and I ran after her.  I got outside shouted her name and then thought “no, this is not how we do this.”  So I stopped, knelt down and started clapping my hands and calling Gwen in a more happy tone, just like we worked on in Puppy class.  And low and behold it worked!!!  She turned around (she had gotten all the way to the end of the sidewalk and was about to go into the parking lot) and came right to me!  I was so proud of her!  Puppy class has paid off  in more ways than one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a little puppy or is getting one.  Working on “the name game” is also a most necessary activity to do with any dog!  Perfect recall is something that everyone should strive for — even with stubborn little Corgis!  I have often thought that we should have done some obedience training with Dayzee (black lab) when she was younger, but she turned out pretty good, though Gwen has already surpassed her.

It is like the bad part of “Southern Hospitality”…you even have to let in the people you would much rather not.  But I think on the flip side of that, the guests are supposed to at least behave in such a manner as to not offend or be obnoxiously rude to their host, as willing or unwilling as said host may be.  Annoying or bad neighbors/people are like vampires.  If you do not want them in your house, then you must not invite them in even once.  Because once you do, you no longer have any control.

Gwen also did pretty well with the neighbor’s children.  The youngest ,who is 2 or 3, was terrorizing my puppy and Gwen did pretty well with her.  She snapped at her once when the kid was really sticking her hands in Gwen’s face.  I corrected Gwen for that and we got the kid to throw the ball after that.  The other part was when the kid was trying to pick up or hug (not sure exactly) my dog and she squeezed her belly and Gwen yelped and tried to get away.  I had to rescue the poor pup!  When I told Andrew he had some choice words but they were along the lines of “can’t that woman watch her kids?!”  I almost got saddled with watching these kids.  This woman also asked to borrow my phone at one point yesterday, to which I let her use the landline to call her phone to find it (and thereby giving her my other number which we never use which she called me on this AM quite early) because there was no way I was giving her my cellphone!  Before she left she wanted to borrow my iPad.  Uhm, let me think…..NO!  I don’t even have to explain that one, I am sure!  Don’t get me wrong, blonde-neighbor-lady is nice BUT she is also kind of ditzy and lets her children run the show and then complains about all her piddley problems to anyone that will listen.

Needless to say I am SO DONE with living in this apartment!  Andrew’s orders cannot come any faster.  We are still waiting and praying.  I just want out of here!  I do like the area (city/country) around here since there are a lot of historical places in the area.  I would just choose to live in a different place; mainly a HOUSE and maybe in a better neighborhood.  I never, ever, ever, EVER want to live in a house that is in any, way, shape, or form TOUCHING ANOTHER HOUSE!  I don’t care if I am living in a one room, run-down shack on the outside of New Orleans!  Anything but another place where the neighbor’s living arrangements touch our own living arrangements!

Gwen also did splendidly with the maintenance guys going in and out of the house today.  She just slept and watched them from the other side of the fence in the living room.  I put the x-pen back up so she wouldn’t have to live in her crate all day.  She was just terrified of the carpet cleaner guy since he had a huge vacuum that was horribly loud for her big earsies!  She tried to run away.  I had to carry her back into the house! Poor baby!

I have more to tell about Gwen’s most recent vet visit and puppy class but I just had to get all that off my chest.  This here was the abridged version of the story.  I hope that is all the ranting I am going to have to do for awhile!  The next post will be more dog oriented, I promise!!!



5 thoughts on “The Downside of “Southern Hospitality”

  1. Woah, glad to hear Miss Gwen came back safe and sound! Good for you on the recall, that’s awesome! That’s one of my biggest fears that Gimli somehow gets out and is lost or someone finds him and doesn’t want to give him back.
    Ugh, septic troubles, I feel for you. I hope that crazy neighbor doesn’t make things worse for you guys.

  2. Hi, my name is Beth and I work with Mike (Andrew’s Dad in Colorado). I enjoy reading your posts…the song is from Fancy by Reba McEntire (sp) the one room, run down shack on the outskirts of New Orleans 🙂 Love hearing about your cute puppy!!

  3. Just LOL’d loudly about your desire to never live in a house that is touching another house. We have the same problem here, and I can’t stand it. I’m totally going to work on the name game tonight – Norma has gotten out a few times and she doesn’t respond – great idea!!

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