Visiting Home

I am back home visiting family for a week, but it sure has been eventful both here in WA and back home in SC!  Gwen did not end up coming with me.  I figured it would be too stressful for her to travel so far/long in a plane twice within a week.  Since I have been here, I have Skyped with Gwen (well, with the husband too) and she did the head tilt thing since she didn’t understand what was going on when she heard my voice (not sure if she realized it was my face on the screen or not) but couldn’t smell me.  It was adorable.  And she barks when I talk to Andrew on the phone. 🙂

Gwen tried to help me pack and chewed on my luggage tags…silly puppy. 🙂

My parents are moving out of their home that I basically grew up in and moving to the other side of town.  They are downsizing and it is time I get all my stuff packed up and moved out of their house.  I left a bunch of stuff here when I moved to SC this summer but now it is time I actually do something about it.  Hence the reason I am back.  Also, visiting since I won’t be with them for the holidays.  Packing things up, getting rid of stuff, and just organizing things is so exhausting!  I have gone to bed so early each night.  I don’t think I’ve gotten on the right time zone but at this point I don’t think it matters.

I arranged for a neighbor to let Gwen out and feed her all week while I am gone since Andrew works long days since he didn’t want the dog to go to the kennel since he’d be home at night/in the AM.  Well it worked out great on Monday but on Tuesday (extra long day too) when A came home it wasn’t as good…apparently Gwen was never let out nor fed!  APPARENTLY our dog sitter thought it was only for Monday that she needed to take care of the dog!  Andrew found out Wednesday morning when she came to return the key….  So now we have to work something else out.   I am NOT happy about this one bit!  There will be no more listening to the neighbor’s drama now.  It will be hello-goodbye-I’m-going-inside-now!  And next time their bathroom overflows into mine and soaks my ceiling, floor, rugs, etc. I am not going to be as understanding/forgiving.  I am pretty sure we have things growing in our ceiling because of our neighbors…I cannot wait for Andrew to get orders so we can find out where we are going next!!!!!!  Either way we are not living in an apartment next, THANK GOD!

On a happier note, we’ve got plans for Thanksgiving that involve a trip to Atlanta to see my cousins who also have a Corgi!!!  They have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but they were the ones to first introduce me to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I will have to post the picture of their ol’ dog.  He was so sweet and super smart!  Such a cool little dude! 🙂

Today on the Corgi Butts blog, they posted about this year’s Corgi Secret Santa!  We are looking forward to being a part of this!!! 🙂

This is Frasier.  He visited us when we lived in GA when I was little.






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