Mai Twip to da Doggie Pawk (as translated by the Hooman)

Yesterday, the hoomans took me to the doggie park!!!  I’ve never been before.  It is some place called Sky Dogs and they has lots and lots of fun things there but I was a little nervous and scared.  There were so many big doggies and not a lot of short doggies like me! 😦

First we droves in the car and it took longer than when we go to the park with all the doggies on leashes.  Then we got there and I was ready to jump out of the car!  But when we got to the gate I didn’t want to go in.  So they dragged me through the gate and the hoomans had to pay for them to enter but I was free.  I guess that means I don’t have to give up any bones to go play?  So we listened to this guy give instructions to these other new people/doggie and then we went to explore!

We went through this gate into a small thing and then they took off my leash!  I wasn’t so sure about that… so I stayed pretty close to the hoomans.  There was this nice brindle puppy that came to sniff and play and I liked him because he wasn’t too much bigger than me and he played nice.  Then we were playing and some other dogs came over to play and I got pinned and scared and when I got to my feet there was a whole pack of dogs and I started to snarl and show my big teeth and poof up my hackles.  My daddy hooman came to save me!  So then I followed them around and only went about a leash and a half length distance away from them.

We walked around the park and I went and sat with some other hoomans (the other new ones) and their doggie went and said hi to my hoomans.  Mommy  hooman says he was a pit bull.  He looked tough but he was really nice.  So then we explored and I sniffed some other doggies but didn’t really play with them.  

There was this big hole full of water and the other doggies were splashing in it but I didn’t really know if I should go in it or not.  So I walked in the mud and mommy hooman wasn’t very happy about that but daddy hooman thought it was funny.  He even picked me up and put me in the icky water!!! I didn’t stay in too long cause the water was up to my belly and I saw other big doggies who were swimming.  

Then we went and played on the agility things.  The hoomans want me to do agility some day.  I think it might be fun, just as long as I don’t have to climb those big thingies!  Mommy hooman put the poles down low in little x-shapes for me to jump over.  I figured out how to go around the jumpies!  My mommy hooman does these jumpy thingies with horses, whatever those things are.

I didn’t want to chase the ball, but I did find a small doggie to run around with for a few minutes.  He was a white/merle dachshund and just a little smaller than me.  We played nice.  But then this Frenchie bulldog came in and was playing too rough and I tried to get away and it chased me and so I turned and snapped at it with my big teeth showing.  I didn’t want to play rough anymore.  The hoomans and I went back through the gate and put on my leash and we went home.  

I had to ride in the “back seat” of the truck.  I’ve never had to ride back there before!  I had to sit on the floor cause I was stinky.  I went to sleep but when we were close to home I tried to get up front by sticking my head on the center console and looking at my hoomans with sad eyes.

Mommy hooman says I need to practice playing nice with other doggies.  We haven’t been to a puppy play time recently because I got my innards taken out and then the hoomans hadn’t been to petco to see if there were any to sign up for.  The hoomans really need to make more friends with other doggies!  They are lame hoomans, can I get new ones, please??  So they went to petco later that day and signed me up for Puppy II classes.  I start again this week! Yays!  I don’t know what I’m going to learn, I am already a smart doggie.  I think they hoomans want me to learn how to be a more of a good girl.  I want to start doing classes with lots of doggies but right now we is just doing classes of one doggie at a time.  They brought me home a couple halloween toys that were “on clearance” whatever that means.  They’re fun toys!

I was exhausted yesterday!  This was how the hoomans found me….


5 thoughts on “Mai Twip to da Doggie Pawk (as translated by the Hooman)

  1. That last picture cracks me up LOL! I’m glad Gwen had a nice time at the dog park, well except for the pug that was chasing her and the pack of dogs! She’ll get better eventually, just keep at it. Gimli’s 4 and we have our work cut out for us, unfortunately.
    We are in the process of waiting for our puppy. 🙂 We won’t know how many there are til the end of the month or even if there will be one for us, but I’m ever so hopeful!
    That’s so cool that you ride horses and do the “jumping”, I don’t know the terms, but I’ve always found it very interesting. 🙂

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