Define Princess…

Surveying the Halloween goodies.

I have been thinking on what character Gwen would be if she were in a Disney/Animated movie and have come to the conclusion that Gwen would be Princess Fiona from Shrek.  It is quite fitting, I think.  She acts like a princess sometimes but the majority of the time she is a tough little dog that is not “afraid” of much.

Princess Fiona is tough because she is an ogre.  Well, in the first movie she is only an ogre part of the time.  Apart from being big and green, Gwen could be an ogre.  She has big teeth, a short-man-syndrome attitude, and a tough exterior.

I have let Gwen onto the bed a couple times in the past couple of days and have sat there with her to make sure she does not jump off on her own.  Earlier today I saw her jump at the bed like she wanted up on it but since her legs are so short and the bed is high she more or less body checked the bed and then ran away.  She will do this to the couch too sometimes when she does not coordinate her feet with her flight path when she is frapping.  I have even witnessed her running head first into the wall.  But she does not care, she just keeps on going.

Though I liken Gwendolyn to Princess Fiona, I still stand by our earlier “dubbing” of the Taz likeness.  She is still a little whirlwind, devilish creature!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Gwen and I went for a ride to the vet today to pick up her Trifexis (flea/heartworm med.).  It is official, she has learned “go for a ride.”  I said those magic words and she was jumping up and down and spinning in circles and barking at the door!  She was ready to get in but that soon wore off when I had to stop by the mailbox and up at the office to pick up a package.  Someone did not like being left in the car even for two minutes!  I even cracked the windows for her!  Today was the first time she has ever offered to jump out of the car!  (not a good thing)  Since I take her in my truck…it is a little ways off the ground for such a small dog.  I always pick her up!  She tried it twice.

Fall means cooler weather which means different clothes.  We got Gwen during the summer so we were in shorts and rarely wore socks.  Now that we are in jeans, sweatshirts, and wearing socks all the time, Gwen has taken to biting at my clothes.  Working hard at stopping this!  She got put in her box for biting my feet while I was typing this.  She will not (for the most part) bite white socks but anything fun and colorful apparently is fair game to her…which is a problem since I like to wear fun and brightly colored socks!  I just don’t get it.

Also, Gwen has figured out how to pull socks out of the side holes of our laundry hamper!  The dirty laundry is no longer safe from the little yellow beast!


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