Happy Howl-o-ween!

Gwen is very festive and really getting into the Halloween spirit!  She ripped open her bat toy yesterday so I destuffed him and gave her back the “skin.”  She also has a bat/purple people eater and  vampire stuffed ball squeeker toys.  I did my best in describing them…  Tonight instead of candy treats (like a little kid would get) she is getting a couple small-ish Halloween squeekers!  If I’m lucky this afternoon, I’ll get her picture with them…we’ll see!  We’ve been hoarding hiding these toys for awhile.  We’d tried with the other toys too except she found one of them and I was a sucker and had gave her the other.

I hope the orange isn’t too difficult to read but I’m feeling festive too!  Though I am not sure if I will be handing out candy this year or not.  I don’t really feel comfortable doing so in this area that we’re living, even though it is an apartment-land.  Last year when I was in college I lived in a neighbor hood that had a lot of families with children and I had so many trick or treaters come to my door!  My favorites had to be the family of Angry Birds, Einstein, and a Scarecrow that came to my door.  I think there was another but it escapes me at the moment.  The scarecrow was done with lots of straw and all painted up.  Someone really did a good job putting that kid’s costume together!  


This is what happens when you strap an Acme rocket to a Corgi:

We got some video of it and I’ll have to post the links to the video later once I’ve uploaded them.  They’re cute. 🙂


I love the top-middle picture!  It’s so pathetically adorable!  I don’t know why it put “do I gotta” on there twice (and right over her cute little nose, I might add!) but it wouldn’t let me get rid of it and I didn’t want to start over, so here is Gwenie’s Penguin costume “collage.”  When I have more time, I will make a better collage but at the moment I am trying to do a million things, none of which are getting done except this post!

Remember that pumpkin costume that Gwen had on in the picture that got in the Magazine?  I have a bunch that I loved from that “photo shoot” that I’d love to share, but for now I think those will be saved for another entry.  Maybe tomorrow??  But for now, here is what her original costume was going to be before she grew out of it.  Yes, the little chub-a-lubs grew in just a few weeks.


From our house to yours, Happy Howl-o-ween!!!




2 thoughts on “Happy Howl-o-ween!

  1. 🙂 thanks! Gimli does make a good gnome! The Daily Corgi cover was just random, Laurie will showcase a picture out of the blue :). Little Miss Gwen looks so cute in her different costumes! I don’t know which one I like more – the penguin or the dynamite LOL

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