[NOTE:] This is another post that has taken me ages to write.  Started during my lazy block and finishing it now. 🙂

Gwen must be my lucky charm!  Since we’ve had her, we have won 2 doggie related things!  One was a free visit to one of the local doggie day cares in the area.  The other was our most recent, the TropiClean Fresh Breath giveaway that the Lowcountry Dog Magazine was doing.  Remember, Gwen got her picture in the magazine just recently, too.  So we got all these goodies, but I have one problem:  Gwen doesn’t have stinky breath!

Either way, we won first prize which was pretty much a sampling of all their products.  We got The Fresh Mint Foam, Water Additive, Clean Teeth Gel, Liquid Floss, and a Tri Floss Ball!  Lots of things!

Anyways, I plan on using the flossy spray.  It says if you spray it on their rope toys then it helps them to floss and have good breath.  Worth a try at least.  That and the Tri Floss Ball.  If she doesn’t like it then maybe I’ll just have to give the stuff to my parents for Dayzee who DOES have stinky breath!

Also, Gwen has figured out how to tear open her stuffed animals to get at the stuffing.  She opened up her bat and alligator today.  Sad day. 😦


The black lab is Dayzee Mae and the yellow lab is Bella.  Bella belongs to my cousins.  When this picture was taken, Dayzee was over at my cousins’ place for a play day.  What lovely labs!


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