Earlier this week, Gwen got her first antler!  I got her one of the split elk antlers.  She loves it!  That being said, on the same day that I gave it to her, I saw on Puppy on a Roomba‘s facebook page that he, Ty, had cracked a couple of teeth from chewing on his antler!  I didn’t know what to think since some of her nylabones are kind of hard too and she is only going at the marrow in the middle right now, not really chewing on the outside.  So I let her chew on her antler and then decided to contact my cousin who is a vet and see what she had to say on the matter.

My cousin said that rawhide bones (not flats) are best since antlers and nylabones can splinter and cause issues with teeth and intestines, and pigs ears are just gross.  The flat rawhides can cause problems too, like getting stuck in their throats.

Now I know everyone has different opinions and everything, but sometimes it is nice to get one from a professional!

Either way, Gwen looked cute chewing on her antler and was so excited when I got the box.  I think she knew that what was inside it was for her.  She sat so patiently in the kitchen while I dug it out of the box too (it was buried in styrofoam peanuts!)


P.S. I still don’t know what to do about the antler…risk it and let her chew on it or take it away completely.  She only gets it with supervision and then not for too long.  I gave it to her after dinner last night for about an hour and a half before I put it away. (This was before hearing back from my cousin.)  Right now she is playing with a plastic water bottle.  Cheapest and easiest toy ever!




2 thoughts on “Antlerz!

  1. tee hee, she looks so cute with her antler! Gimli has an antler now that he’s been working on for a while. It’s his 2nd one – the first one became too small and it made me nervous that he would choke on it, so it’s been put away for use with our corgi puppy whenever it arrives.

    I too worry about teeth damage and I hope he doesn’t run into that issue. Unfortunately rawhides and the like are banned in our house because he choked once and it was very scary.

    I have read that you can try raw bones like chicken necks and chicken backs that will accomplish the chewing and clean their teeth. The problem with that is that you end up with salmonella on whatever surface came into contact with the chicken. Gimli gets turkey necks but only outside. Cooked bones can splinter and cause internal damage if ingested.

    Frappy Friday!

  2. My mom banned rawhides from their house a couple years ago too when Dayzee’s (lab) gums started to bleed when she was chewing on hers. It was a Christmas present and she used to have them all the time but then for some reason they stopped and it was like she lost her tolerance or something. She used to cough a lot when she’d chew on them because they’d get all gummed up and stuck in the back of her mouth I think. It was really gross.

    Dayzee now loves her “cookie ball” and gets one every night after the humans are done eating dinner. She gets a Kong stuffed full of cookies with a little peanut butter. 🙂

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