Lazy Block

I have been suffering from a Lazy Block.  That’s right, it is like “writer’s block” except for the fact that I had plenty to write about the Lazy just got in the way.  I should get the program that types as i write…but I kind of think that is cheating.

Okay, it has taken me 4 days to do this post!  I started on Monday and am now just picking back up on Thursday!  Oy vey!  Talk about LAZY!

Leashes:  Gwen has this thing about which leash she is on when we go outside.  She likes her 6′ pink leash.  She does not like her pink Flexi leash.  You know, the extendable/retractable types.  I am not a big fan of that kind but we bought it even before we got her and it has come in handy at night time when it is dark.  I don’t like taking her outside at night alone but now I have no choice.  So I bought one of those super powered flashlights – 275 lumens – it is basically a lantern but not (if that makes any sense).  This is the flashlight I got.  ULTRA HIGH POWER!  I like that. 🙂  This puppy is super bright and I can sweep the whole yard to see if there is anything lurking in the bushes or waiting to ambush us.  However, this super, duper brightness comes at a slight cost:  the user must be careful not to blast it in their pet’s eyes or in the neighbors’ windows…Andrew is not allowed to use the flashlight since he tends to shine it in the neighbors’ windows…  I have been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds, I guess, because it freaks me out to be home alone at night now and have to go outside in the dark!

But I digress, Gwen will run away from you when you try to hook that big leash on her.  Though the past couple days she has been pretty nice about staying by the door.  So maybe that was just a phase?

I don’t tend to like the flexi leash things because I don’t like that dogs pull with them.  Gwen wasn’t all that sure about it either since she needed a little tension to pull it away and even then she wasn’t sure about going away from me outside.  We only use it at night time though.  During the day and on walks we still use her pretty, polka-dotted, pink leash.

Fire Ants:  Last week Andrew sprained his ankle playing frisbee.  Meaning he gets an excuse to not have to do puppy chores (i.e. doggy doody or taking her outside when it’s dark) and leaving me to deal with the little yellow beast by myself.  Figures.  Well, the night of the sprain, he was walking on it fine (“I’m fine, I’ve iced it…”) so we took Gwen for a walk.  We both wore flip flops like idiots.  Wearing flip flops out in the field by our apartments is a little dangerous since we have fire ants back there.  So here we are, walking along and Andrew steps on a small mound.  No fire ant bites for him!  Next, Gwen trots through another small mound.  No problems with the fire ants either!  Last but not least, Gwen drags me over to an area where there are ant hills arranged in a sort of semi-circle where I stand in the middle and then realize (too late of course!) that they are fire ants.  Yup, yours truly got bit.  I didn’t even get in the mound unlike the other two bums I was walking with!  At least I can bend my toes now.  They swelled up for a few days.

Gwen’s distaste for home decor:   We got a new door mat for outside our door this last weekend.  Previously it was just bare concrete.  Now we have a nice door mat that says “Howdy! Wipe your boots!”  Gwen of course did not like it.  She hopped over it or skirted around the edge of it when we went in or out.  I don’t think she liked the little pokeys poking her little corgi paws.



Last weekend, we took Gwen to the Battery Park.  We walked all around and even walked all of the sea wall and then back to the car.  Gwen behaved superbly!  She stayed right next to us and did not try to pull too much on her leash.  She climbed up and down stairs and did not try to jump on people passing by us!   It was so nice!

Riding in the car has gotten easier for her too.  She has figured out how to balance and also that laying down in the seat is often helpful when one has really short legs.

There is probably more that I am missing here, but hopefully the lazy block will stay away and I can post more regularly.


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