Gwen is Famous!!! (sorta)

Stitches have been removed!  Gwen was not very excited for the car ride to the vet’s.  She got in just fine and was excited and then it was like it dawned on her where we were going…she curled up on Andrew’s lap and put her head on the arm rest and looked at me like I was being mean by driving her to the evil vet’s!  Once we got there she got all excited again.  She was all wiggly and wanting to go see the ladies behind the front desk.  I picked Gwen up so they could see her and she started to make noises at everyone.

The techs took Gwen back to get her stitches taken out while we waited in the waiting area.  I started to flip through the Lowcountry Dog Magazine that they had sitting there.  In the Oct/Nov issue there are dogs in costumes.  Guess what I found on page 20!  GWEN!!!  I had submitted a picture of Gwen a couple weeks ago since I saw a thing on the Lowcountry Dog Magazine‘s page on Facebook, but I did not know that it was going to actually make it into the magazine!  Yay!  I took home a copy but I also have the online version here for you to see.  Just go to page 20 and look for Gwen!!!  And of course since Gwen is so long, her whole body is not in the picture (they cut it out, not me).

Take a peek here!


2 thoughts on “Gwen is Famous!!! (sorta)

    • She’s doing great! We’ve finally got our living room back to normal (no fence around the couch) so she’s back to claiming it as hers and she can finally have a good frap around the house. She seems happier too since she doesn’t have to wear her floppy cone thing, though I don’t think she has forgiven me for making her wear it!

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