Cabin Fever!

I am pretty sure that Gwen has cabin fever.  Think of the song from Muppet Treasure Island.  (Click here for the video.)  Muppet Treasure Island also just happens to be a favorite movie of mine! 🙂

Anyways, Gwen is going crazy being cooped up and I don’t blame her in the least!  However, she IS driving me CRAZY!!  I made her pen in the living room bigger today.  It goes in front of the couch so she can’t jump on it  but it also makes it very difficult to get on the couch.  I have to keep her in a smaller pen to limit her activity — mainly the jumping on the couch.  She has jumped up on the couch a couple times much to my chagrin.  (Great word!)

Gwenie is wearing her “treat eating champ” shirt to keep her from scratching her belly where they clipped all the hair away for her surgery.  She has behaved very well in the licking at the sutures department.  She had been scratching at her belly, leaving big, ugly, red scratches.  We put some cream on the scratches and her shirt and they are now at least scabbed over and she is no longer scratching at it like she was.  Today and most of yesterday she had her floppy cone off which was nice.  That meant she could walk around a little more freely and not look so pitiful.  I still put the floppy cone thing back on her when I’m not watching her, like when I leave or take a shower or she is in her crate for the night.  I would like to think that Miss Gwyndolyn is grateful for that.

Since we left Gwen at the vet for her surgery and then brought her home she has developed a slight separation anxiety that she never had before.  She did occasionally howl and yip when I would leave to go run errands but she was getting over that.  But now she has been exceedingly clingy and vocal about being left alone and also about not being where she can touch her humans when she wants to.  Since I have been sick I haven’t really felt like doing anything, mostly cause I cannot breathe and my head feels like it is going to explode, so I have been devouring books.  (Not literally, that is what Gwen does.)  I have had to go sit in the bedroom and read for awhile just to get some peace and also let Gwen sit on her own for a bit.  Then I come back and play with her.

I hate having to keep her quiet!  Since I’m a sucker, I let her out in the living room and she followed me around the house but then something set her off and she decided to frap around the living room.  So OBVIOUSLY she is feeling better…  I am only keeping her cooped up in half the living room because the vet’s instructions said to “limit her activity for 3 weeks” though I don’t see why it is 3 when she gets her stitches out in 2 weeks.  Doesn’t the vet know what Corgis are like?!?!?!?!  


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