Recovery Day 1

Gwen came home about 4 yesterday and then laid on her bed I made her in the living room all day, sleeping off the drugs from her surgery. She doesn’t have one of those lamp shade cones, it is s flexible one. It makes me think of a sun hat with a hole in the top. It is huge and floppy. She steps on it when she walks and likes to try and chew on it. She didn’t eat last night but I was able to get some chicken broth and water in her. I spoon fed her. And the chicken broth was from my own soup. I even caved and set up a little pen next to my side of the bed. It was the worst sleep I’d had in awhile but at least I knew Gwen was okay. She came out of her stupor at about 2am and started to whimper. Poor baby was not feeling well. I sat with her til she fell asleep and then crawled back under the covers. She’d wake up every couple hours. She wasn’t very comfortable.

I got her up this morning and took her out. She did her business and then I fed her and gave her water. She was glad for her food because she actually ate it all at once! She was only allowed about half of what she normally gets. I wrapped her pain pill in some cheese and she gobbled it right up!

Her cone thing makes her look like a flower when she has her head up and is looking perky. πŸ™‚

Trying to keep her quiet is difficult. She got out of her quarantine area and ran around the living room. She also jumped on the couch when I had her out on her leash. I’m supposed to keep her calm and no running or jumping for 3 weeks. It is going to be super annoying and difficult. She is going to hate it. But this is what we get for not wanting to end up with oopsie-puppies. Worth it in the long run.

I think Gwen is getting bored already. I gave her a couple toys to play with and she played with them but it is obvious she just wants to run around. :(. I’ve taken her on a couple short walks around the yard and she stays calm out there, mostly cause she roots around in the grass looking for bugs as she walks.

This is going to be THE longest week ever! I’m sick, puppy is recovering from surgery, and Andrew is working different, longer hours. We are watching The Big Bang Theory. Well I am and she is sleeping. Thank goodness.


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