Fangs, Socks, and Costumes – oh my!

Little Gwyndolyn is all curled up in her crate (she went in all on her own) sleeping.  It’s really cute.

Gwen has been losing the larger teeth on the sides, but has yet to lose or start losing her “fangs.”  I call them fangs because that is pretty much what they are.  They do not resemble “canines” but one day they will be her canines.  And that day cannot come fast enough!  I am tired of getting nipped and slashed with those buggers!  The other day we were playing Corgi-in-the-middle with the frisbee and I reached out to catch it as Gwen was lunging to catch it and she caught the side of my hand.  Slashed it open, drew blood, you know, the works.  So when you put a bandage on a cut it just gives Gwen more incentive to try and bite you.  I can’t wait until we are out of puppy phase!  I am ready to have a lovely little dog that does not bite or nip or chew!

Gwen has gotten better about biting your feet when you wear socks! A plus!!  She still likes sticking her face inside shoes and boots and will still steal socks if they are left unattended.  Though she did claim one of my flip flops as a chew toy the other day…took a small chunk out of it before I discovered her.

Dusting is Gwen’s favorite chore, a close second is laundry.  Can you guess her least favorite?  Vacuuming!  I put her in the bedroom the yesterday when I went to vacuum the living room and hall and she stood behind the closed door and barked as loud as she could.  She barked more than when she had been in the same room as that infernal contraption!  She chases the duster and likes to burrow into laundry piles — reasons why those are her favorites.  She does not understand washing dishes yet, not like my parents’ lab Dayzee who insists on cleaning plates before they get washed!

I put Gwen in her Halloween costume again so I could get some pictures of her.  She of course hates it, but this time instead of attacking it right away, she rolled over on her back and looked at me like get this off of me!  She has grown again or at least gained a little weight because the belly band was snug.  More so than last time.

I’ve been looking at what it would take to travel with Gwen.  When I say travel I mean fly.  I’m thinking I might be going back home for a little while but if I do then I will be taking Gwen most likely.  We do not want to take her to a kennel and we don’t have enough friends around here that we could pawn her off on leave her with.  Andrew’s new work schedule is still 12 hr shifts but it now goes until like midnight so it would be very unfair to leave her home alone for so long.  In doing my research I came across this page on MyCorgi which was prefect.  Now, even if you are not planning on flying with your dog, it is well worth checking out.  Mainly for the video…it’s interesting…watch the whole thing.


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