Couch Potato

Gwen is the epitome of couch potato.  She may be a busy and active little Corgi puppy but she is also a big couch potato.

For example, I leave her in the living room while I go to take a shower, I come out to check on her when I’m done and where is she?  On the couch.  Most of the time she is still on the shelf under the coffee table (her usual perch) but as of late it has been curled up between the cushions or a pillow on the couch.  As I write this, guess where she is.  Did you guess the poofiest cushion of our couch, sprawled out on her belly in true Corgi fashion?  Then you guessed correctly!  She is diagonal on the cushion too, I might add.

We’ve been experimenting with Gwen-freedom every now and then to try to see how well she will behave when we leave her.  I feel bad sticking her in her crate all the time when we leave.  If I go to get the mail and don’t take her with me, then I leave her in the living room.  She hates me leaving without her but sits and waits.  I left the other day to run down to the corner store to get some toilet paper and left her out of her crate in the living room.  I was gone for a total of about 20 minutes.  I came back and guess where she was.  Yup, on the couch!

Now I don’t leave her out and about inside alone when I go to the grocery store or something like that because I do not yet trust her enough.  She is still in the puppy-chewy phase.  That right there should be explanation enough!


Andrew wants her to only be allowed on the couch when there is a designated Gwen blanket on it.  I tried that but she would get on the couch and root around like a pig until she was laying on the couch and not at all on the blanket.  Also, it was a big surprise when she finally figured out how to get on the couch.  I was laying on the couch reading and the next thing I knew there was a corgi sitting on my stomach!


Caught in the Act!

This is Dayzee when she got caught in the act laying on the sofa in my parents’ house…her bed is on the floor right next to the couch as you can see.  Dayzee apparently did not know that there were humans in the house.  (She is not allowed on the couch.)


Puppy Class Update:

Gwen graduated her puppy class last night!  She got a stuffed alligator as her big reward. 🙂  …have yet to upload pictures to my computer.


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