Late Night Scare

Poor little Gwen! Last night we woke up because we heard her screeching!  That is what it sounds like when she is doing her puppy yelps when she is in pain. She had gotten her toe caught in the divider of her crate somehow. We got her loose and Andrew took out the divider. I don’t know how she managed it! We’ve had the divider in there since we got her/the crate. I ran out first, then Andrew. He got her loose since my arms weren’t long enough. Once we got Gwen out safely, she curled up in my lap for a few minutes. She was pretty shaken but not hurt bad. She didn’t limp and she let us check all her toes which were fine. She curled up in my lap for a few min before we out her back in her crate and went back to sleep.

This morning she is her normal, happy go lucky self, and is driving me crazy squeeking her new Popsicle toy…


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