People Say the Dumbest Things

I realize I have not posted anything for a few days but to tell the truth, Gwen hasn’t done much worth writing a post about.  She did get a new “necklace” (collar) which looks exactly the same as her old one only it is a medium instead of a small.  She finally fits in a big girl collar!  The other day I had to go to the hardware store to get one of those S-fastener things to be able to put her tags on this collar.  The fastener we had before we couldn’t get opened again.  Gwen has been trying to attack her tags since now they are just a little bit longer.  But at least we can hear her again!  Without her tags on she is in stealth mode…  Little miss princess also likes her meals with a little chicken broth.  We have been putting a little broth over her dinner for awhile now.  But the other day we ran out.  She refused to eat very much of her meals for the day and a half that we did not have chicken broth!

Puppy class got rescheduled this week to Friday so maybe we will have some new tales about that later?  Andrew is going to be able to make it to this one!  Yay!  Maybe Durant will make him do the name game all over the store… *evil chuckling*  This will be the last class of Puppy I.  Puppy II is the next class she can take.  We think we might do that one too.  It would be good for her, right?

So now it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of this post!

You know that show with Bill Cosby?  “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”  Well, let me tell you, people can say some pretty dumb things!  And let’s not forget to mention what they do.  Actions do speak louder than words sometimes….  The following are real things that have happened when I take Gwen places.  Most of these things are things that have made me mad.

  • Just yesterday I took Gwen outside for her nightly long-walk.  We were waiting in the “yard” for Andrew to lock the door and meet us out there.  Gwen and I were standing by the bushes right next to the building.  Back by the fence was a kid, maybe about 10-ish, breaking big sticks.  Well, Gwen did not like this for obvious reasons!  Those are her sticks in her yard!!  She got all puffed up and started barking, alerting us that there was some miscreant in the yard destroying things!  I couldn’t very well discipline her for this since I do want her telling us when things are happening.  I told her to “shush” but not very convincingly but did shorten up her leash so she was right by me.  Well Little Miss Hackles-Up kept barking which caught the attention of the boy in the back.  He turned around and ran straight at her!  Uhm hello?!  Didn’t your parents ever teach you diddly squat?!  He then proceeded to pet her!  It was a situation that I admit, I was not sure how to handle.  I held her collar so she wouldn’t do anything bad, but still!  You don’t run straight at a dog that’s all in guard dog mode!  No matter how little and fluffy it is!  If it has teeth, it can bite!  Though Gwen does not bite, it does not mean that another dog would not hesitate to rip that kid’s face off!

Let us hope that kid does not decide to do what he did to Gwen to a dog like this…

  • Next incident happened at the end of our walk last night with yet again more kids.  I know that little kids don’t necissarily know how to be around dogs/puppies unless they were raised with them but either way, they make me nervous.  That same little boy was there with what I assumed were his sisters.  There was an older girl watching two younger ones.  One of the younger girls wanted to pet Gwen but would pull her hand back whenever Gwen tried to lick her.  Notice I said lick.  Gwen gives all strangers kisses.  Well this got Gwen excited and put her into play mode.  She started to go after the little girl’s hand since she thought that she wanted to play with her. ( When we play with Gwen we usually have toys in our hands…)  I ended up holding Gwen’s head and telling the girl to pet her back so that we could finally go home.  I feel this situation was handled better than the other one.
  • This next one comes from our last visit to PetCo.  While we were at the check-out stand paying for our stuff, Gwen was standing next to me.  A man walks up and asks what kind of dog she is.  Now this is not the odd part since I get a lot of people asking what Gwen is.  I told him she is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, like the dogs the Queen has.  (That is the best way to describe it, especially when Gwen is not there, since most everyone saw the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics or at least the exciting part — youtube!).  The guy then asked me if “they all get that fat like her.”  WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!?!?!?!?   This made me the maddest I have ever been when talking to a stranger!  Gwen is NOT fat!  She does not even look fat!  She is just a little on the leaner side.  Every time we take her to the vet or the trainer, they say she looks good.  I had no clue what to say to this guy, he was so rude!  I wish I had said something like “do all humans get as fat as you?”  but I didn’t.
  • Sir, please refer to THIS page here when considering my 15 pound dog is FAT!  It tells a story about a fat corgi and even has some pictures.

  • The day that we went to PetCo for Puppy Playtime, we got there early so we walked around a bit.  When we were in one of the aisles, this couple walked by with two very large dogs.  One of them tried to attack Gwen!  I am not even joking!  It lunged and barked and she didn’t do anything to this dog!  We shortened up her leash and waited for them to go by.  We later saw the dogs laying on the floor by their owners, and the owners had DROPPED the leashes!  Common sense anyone??  We also had to walk past them  to get into the room for puppy class.  Andrew walked between those dogs and then Gwen and I walked on the other side of him.  That was just a dangerous trip in there that day!
  • We were at a pet store looking for a new chewy bone for Gwen awhile ago, and one of the workers came over to ask if we needed help.  We politely told her no we did not and let her continue petting Gwen.  That was okay. She continued talking to us and then picked up Gwen!   Who are you and why are you picking up my puppy?!?!?!!  Up until the incident with the man calling Gwen fat, this was the maddest I had been.  She eventually put Gwen down, we got our boney toy, paid, and left.  We have since seen that woman again, but I don’t think she recognized us or Gwen.  She did not pick up Gwen the next time either.
  • We were at the park a few weeks ago and some woman came up to us when Gwen was standing on the top of the stairs of the gazebo (they’re about 4-5 ft high) and got all in her face doing BIG hand gestures and in a very loud, high voice.  She freaked Gwen out!  That was when she was only about 12 weeks old and it was the first time we had taken her to the park!

One of the things that I have a problem dealing with when I take Gwen places is when people ask about her tail.  They will ask “what happened to her tail?” or “where is her tail?” or “does she have a tail?”  Don’t people know that there are dogs with no tails??  I am not sure why this bothers me so much but it does.  It is obvious she doesn’t have a tail, so why not leave the obvious unstated.  Once when we were at the vet, the technician asked if we ever get questions about her size.  She said she had dachshunds and people always make fun of their short legs.  I told her people always comment on her no tail.  She had some sympathy for us in that one.

This is a side note that really has nothing to do with dogs whatsoever, but I just noticed that it said “Draft saved at 11:11:11 am” at the bottom of my screen.  That is so cool!  Sorry, I digress.

EVERYBODY LOVES GWEN!  This is not just a biased opinion.  Whenever Gwen goes some place, people ask what she is and if they can pet her.  When they ask, I am fine with it, it is the people who just do without asking.  I mean seriously.  Would you like a stranger picking your kid up out of the stroller?!  People really just need to stop and think about their actions for a couple seconds before they run up to a dog or say something mean or offensive.  There are some days that I wish I had a dog that was ugly or mean looking and not something cute and fluffy.

I just thought this last picture was adorable! 🙂

SOURCES:  All pictures were taken from Google Images.  The top Corgi drawing is from the “Corgi Tales” Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “People Say the Dumbest Things

  1. Man oh man, the idiot patrol was out in full force with you this week!

    Yes, there are clueless people out there and I get where you’re coming from. We’ve had similar experiences with Gimli and people who don’t control their dogs or their kids or themselves. The one part that does get better is as Gwen starts to mature and she starts to listen to you and Andrew, and I mean really listen, it becomes easier to control her in such situations. We both know you can’t reason with ignorant people, so the best one to reason with is Gwen.

    One thing that I learned really fast is to “size up” people well before we came into contact with them. If we were on a walk and I saw someone walking their dog who is absentminded – ie talking on a cellphone and their dog is on a flexi way out in front, Gimli and I would cross the street or avoid them entirely. On other occassions, we got close to other dogs and let them meet and then off we went.

    You know your dog and you know yourself and if either of you is having an “off” day, then you can decide how to handle interactions.

    That’s the only way that I’ve found, there may be other ways, that I can control Gimli the most and minimize the idiot patrol.

    Have a good one!


    • Idiot patrol is a perfect way to describe it! It has gotten to where whenever we see a group of kids out when we are walking we turn the other way just to get our walks over without incident! Or get eaten alive by mosquitoes…we have a lot of them here. 😦 I guess we will just have to resume with “kid socialization” in a little while.

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