Exhausted Puppy

Exhausted.  That is the best way to describe Gwen after this weekend.

Saturday we took her to Puppy Playtime at the PetCo.  It’s free and a great way for puppies to play together and get socialized.  Socialization has been one of the harder things to do with Gwen.  Not because she is mean or vicious or anything like that, far from it actually, but rather because we don’t have the ability to let her off-leash and play with other dogs or puppies.  We don’t have a large fenced area or friends with dogs.  Our neighbor upstairs has an older Spaniel and he growls at Gwen all the time and doesn’t want to play.  It would be way easier if we were back home.  We could let Gwen play in the yard with Dayzee and Bella and they could run and run and run and the two larger dogs would be good company for this annoying feisty little one.

There was only one other puppy that showed up for playtime on Saturday but that was just as well because those two had a blast!!  Gwen got to play with a 5 month old Husky named Kiana.  She was very pretty, she was all white with a little apricot coloring on her back and ears.  [Playtime was for small dogs to 1 yr and large dogs to 6 mo.)

I hope we get to see Kiana at the next puppy playtime!  The owners said they were planning on bringing her back again.

Watching these two young pups play was a hoot.  They ran and jumped and tumbled and growled and ran some more!  They played chase most of the time which the dog trainer (there is a trainer supervising the whole time) said was a great way for them to play since they weren’t trying to assert dominance or show aggression.  We think Gwen was trying to herd Kiana a few times too!  Silly herding dog instincts. 🙂

I wish I had taken videos of them playing but we got a ton of pictures at least!  Too many for me to put them all here, but I will make sure to post a few at the end.  In the mean time I will tell you about their antics.  Kiana would run at Gwen and pretty much bowl her over except Gwen was ready for it and would duck down on her elbows and roll before Kiana had even hit her.  The trainer pointed it out that Gwen was always ready when Kiana would come barreling down on her.  We think it has something to do with the herding instincts, like if a cow kicked at them then they’d be able to duck out of the way without getting hurt.  That is the reason for their size and the Pembrokes’ lack of tail.  Kiana pinned Gwen a couple of times and the trainer or K’s owner would pull her off.  Once she was off and they let go of her Gwen would jump at K again ready to play!  Gwen is such a little antagonist and instigator!

By the time they were done playing neither of them had any energy left!  We had to pick some things up in the store and almost had to carry her!   She was so tired.  When we got home Gwen laid down in the middle of the living room and refused to move.  She didn’t want to even eat her dinner!  The next day we were planning on taking our weekly trip to the Battery Park and Gwen was so tired she didn’t really want to go for her walk or play.  She did, however, fully enjoy her car ride to Charleston and back!

Picture time!  I figured out how to put in a slide show!  Normally I’d caption all the pictures but I figured a slide show was the best way to show these ones.  There are over 20 pics (took over 100 when we were there!).  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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