Puppy Class

Yesterday, Gwen had puppy class!  Puppy class for her is like private tutoring but she is learning lots and it has definitely been worth it!  We go every Wednesday evening for an hour.  Gwen never eats dinner afterwards because she is too full of squishy, meaty treats.  Last night she actually ate the half-rations we put in front of her (yes, we always offer her at least half of her normal dinner amount after class)!

So at the start of class we go over her “homework” with our trainer, and I will admit, I don’t practice with her as much as I should every day (for shame, I know…) but she still picks things up incredibly quick.  We do use her commands (e.g. sit, down, heel) everyday, so she at least uses them daily.  We always do a quick and complete review of everything earlier in the day before heading to class.  The one problem Gwen has is when she comes to class she is SO full of energy!  No matter if we’ve played and played before we head over, she is like the Energizer Bunny!   So we do the name game (basically running all over PetCo hiding & calling “GWEN!” and clapping, she and the trainer come find me), and yesterday we practiced “come” a lot across the training room.  Corgis running has to be THE CUTEST thing EVER!  Especially with her derpy tongue lolling out her mouth!

I digress, our trainer reviewed her homework and she did superb!  I was so proud of my little yellow monster!  She even did “Stay” nicely which we have been working on!  Still am proud of her, hence a whole post about puppy class!  🙂

Going to take Gwen to the puppy socialization thing at PetCo this weekend.  It’s basically supervised play time with other puppies (small dogs up to 1 yr, big dogs up to 6 mo).  We have yet to go to one, but we figured it was time to at least sign up, the worst that can happen is it can be cancelled and we won’t go.  I am hoping that more people sign up so she has others to play with (we were first to put our names down).

When we were leaving we saw a guy come in with the cutest little puppy!  Guess what breed it was!  A Pembroke Welsh Corgi!!!!!!  It was a little tri-colored male and he was 8 or 9 weeks (forgot what the guy said).  As adorable as the little guy was, I would not have brought my baby puppy into the pet store and risk him getting sick!  We waited to take Gwen to the pet store til she had all her shots!  Either way, the pup was so stinking adorable and all wiggly and he wagged his nub!   I miss how small Gwen was when we got her!  One day we will get another Corgi (Pem. of course!) and I think it will be a Tri that we will look for.  I really wanted a red female this time, and that’s what we got!  🙂  I also wish Gwen had more of a nub.  Her nub is so short that people ask me if she has a tail, or where is her tail?!  They usually say it with an interrobang (?!) sound to their voices which makes me feel bad or embarrassed cause my little dog doesn’t have a tail. 😦


ALSO, I bought Gwen a Halloween costume the other day!!!  Pictures will come of that around Halloween time of course! 😉


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