My week wit da hoomans

My momma says I can heps wif dis post.  She says she translates my baby puppy speaks so yoos can reads its!  Luv, Gwenie

*Sigh* I think I am glad this week is almost over.  Today was sooooper exciting but I’ll try to start earlier this week.

Momma says that I have sharp teeth and wants to know when they will fall out and my big girl teeth will come in!  I’ve already lost almost all of the teefs in the front and my big girl teefs are growing in now!  I won’t let her take pictures of my teef.

I kept trying to get into the kitchen before the floor was all cleaned up of all the interesting smells and crumbs.  Momma put the scary vacuum monster in the doorway and I barked and barked but it didn’t move.  That thing is really scary!!

On Wednesday I brought momma my leash!  We were headed out the door for puppy class!  I was full of sooooo much energies that I couldn’t focus this week.  We worked on “Bang!” (playing dead) and the name game.  Oh and started “stay” but I don’t like that command.  My puppy ADD gets in the way and I start licking the floor.

Thursday I slept all day while momma read most of the day.  That was fun.

Friday was NOT fun!  Momma decided I needed a BATH! Ugh!  That was like torture! And then after I smelled “good” momma used the hooman hairs dryer on me to get me dry.  I hate that thing!  It is like a vacuum monster except small!  I hid my face and did not scratch up my hooman!  The vacuum monster came out to eat all the dirt in the living room and I couldn’t go under the bed to hide since I just got clean.  Once I got dry then the brush torture started.  My coat got brushed and I tried to bite it and roll over and squirm away so momma couldn’t brush me but she just kept brushing my hairs til they looked “pretty.”  Thank goodness THAT is over!

Momma made me a NEW bandana and let me on the big hooman bed!  I even let her take some pictures of me!

I tried to escape when momma tried to take a before picture.

Looking at the evil water thing!


I has cute corgi butt!

I helped make the bed! It was hard work! Nap time?

I was still mad at momma for making me get in the bath.  And then she did this to my ears and made fun of them. I do not like “wind blown look,” stoopid hooman!

I sit nicely waiting for daddy at the door when I hear his boots go clomp, clomp, clomp outside!  And then I POUNCE on him when he comes in the door!!

*YAWN* I is getting reewy sweepy now.  I tink I gonna go sweeps now.  Momma says we can fill yoous in on our weekend adventures after the weekend is dones. Night night. Puppy kisses, Gwen


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