Dramatic and Toothless

Gwen lost ANOTHER tooth last night!  So she has now lost 3 teeth. I even found one of them last night in the carpet, it was so tiny!!!


Miss Toothless is as mouthy as ever.  We went to puppy class last night and she was a ball of fire.  She had so much energy that she didn’t know how to contain herself to focus!  This was after we had played for awhile before I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. (The new magic words).  Once she ran around PetCo, trainer in tow, trying to find me while I clapped and shouted Gwen!, she was ready to work on new things and review her old lessons.  Yesterday’s exercise was in the store was in case she was lost then theoretically she’d be able to follow her owners’ voices and sounds.  It does work when we treat every time she comes to use and play the “name game” regularly.  The name game is basically saying her name and when she comes and sits then she is rewarded with a treat.


Gwen is getting better about riding in the car.  This morning we went to the vet to get the last round of puppy shots so she will not have to go back until next year for more shots, or until she gets spayed (in the next month or two).  She was excited to go for the ride in the car and she even rode relatively nicely.  Everyone absolutely loves Gwen and all the ladies at the vet’s office know her by name and give her treats and pets when she comes in.  Needless to say, Gwen likes going to the vet, it’s the being seen by the vet that she does not like one bit.

Long story short she does not like to be examined by the vet.  You can look in her mouth and rub her tummy but as soon as you get something you intend to stick her with or stick in her she wants nothing of it.  She makes the most horribly, ridiculous yet hilarious sounds.  I wish I could record them.  The vet (a female who has never seen her before – usually it’s a male doc who has seen her every time) asked if she was “like this at home” and I asked what she meant and she said “dramatic.”  My answer, “yeah, that sounds like Gwen.  Dramatic.”

Gwen now ways 14.6#, that is a 1# increase since we were there last week picking up flea/heartworm meds.  She is growing about a pound a week.  Not sure what that equates in length since Corgis grow longer rather than taller.

The visit to the vet interrupted her regularly scheduled morning nap time.  This did not please Miss Gwen.  She started getting tired in the car and tried to crawl over into my lap and once she figured out that was not happening she curled up in the seat (a first!).  We got home and she got a drink of water and then curled up in her spot under the coffee table.  As I write this, she is laying corgi-style in her bed.  Corgi-style, if you are not aware, is flopped over on their backs with the legs stuck up in the air and head flopped to the side.  Not too long ago we had to move the divider in her crate back so she could have more room to stretch out; she has grown so much!!!


Can’t forget this!  The little gremlin likes hiding under the bed now when she goes in the bedroom.  It’s like a cave with things to crawl around and over and to chew on!


2 thoughts on “Dramatic and Toothless

  1. Hi there, thanks for the comment!

    Congrats on little Miss Gwen, she’s so very cute!

    Gimli is my first corgi so I’m unsure if all corgis can be drama queens. We tried getting him used to the vet and he’s better now, he just freaks if there’s pain involved. So long as we have plenty of cookies, he’s fine on the examination table. For shots though, my husband has to hold him tightly while the vet administers the shot and I keep supplying cookies. For instances like those, you can also try a muzzle because then everyone can relax knowing that those corgi jaws won’t snap around a finger or an arm. If everyone is relaxed, then Gwen will relax too.

    It also helps to send the message to Gwen that you aren’t taking any “lip” from her so to speak. Gimli still protests with either my husband or myself, but we just reach on in and do what we need to do. This is great for the two of us, but if he goes to other places – vets or groomers etc, if the other person is nervous then they’ll back off, which is exactly what Gimli wants. Quite frankly I don’t blame them, I’d back off too!

    See if you can get her used to touches all over her body. Even get a neighbor or family member that she doesn’t know too well to touch her in the same places a vet would and when she behaves, give her high value treats so she starts getting the message.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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