Hello World!

New Project:

This is going to be all about the life and times of Gwyndolyn Rose, Corgi Princess.  This post started off as a sample since this is a new blog, but I felt that the title was very fitting for our very first post!

I wanted to start off with my motivation behind starting up this blog.  The idea came from two separate things.  First off was my dad saying that I should keep a journal (which I did start doing) or at least write down all the little stories that I have from our experiences in raising our first puppy.  The second half was from my friend who is pregnant and keeping a blog of sorts about her pregnancy.  I combined the two and this is what I got:  an online blog so I can share with family and friends about our little corgi puppy, Fairwyn Gwyndolyn Rose (name pending).

A little overview of Gwen:

Gwen is a red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  She was born in Clover, SC at Fairwyn Corgis on 27 April 2012 to her doggie parents “Clay” & “Bella.”  A total of 10 puppies!

Andrew was able to see the puppies on his way up to Groton, CT pretty early on and was able to see the puppies when they were only a few days old!  He saw them again on his way back to South Carolina in May and picked out little Gwen then, earlier than normal, but the breeder, Connie, made an exception since she knew that neither of us would even be in the state when she usually let people choose and pick-up puppies.  The reason was because Andrew and I were getting married and going on our honeymoon!

The one with the stripe on her head is Gwen.

After all that, while we were en route from WA to SC, we made a slight detour and stopped in Clover.  That was the first time I got to see Gwen in person!  She was so adorable, as were all her brothers and sisters!  I was glad that Andrew had picked her out before hand because I never would’ve been able to pick!  All I knew before was I wanted a red female.  I’d told him that and my other criteria was that she had to be cute and sweet.  Well, all puppies are cute and sweet so that pretty much left it all up to his judgement.  Gwen had picked him.

First time Liz saw Gwen. Took her home a week later!

Fast forwarding a couple weeks to Saturday, June 29.  Humans get prepared for puppy.  Humans drive 3 hrs to get puppy.  Humans drive 4.5 hrs home with puppy, making 3.5 pit-stops.  Humans and puppy finally get home!  It was a long car ride!  Gwen was a little excited about her first REAL car ride, and she got motion sick (poor thing!).  She did not like the bumps in the road.  She rode the whole way sitting under the fan in the front seat and the last half hour under the fan on the floor.  It was one of THE HOTTEST days. (+108° weather).

Fast forward some more.  Cute creature shows her other side, a slightly wilder side.  We jokingly call her an Orange Tasmanian Devil because she acts like Taz!  She makes the sounds like a devil and when she gets excited she’ll tear around the living room just like in the cartoons!  And just like all puppies, she’s got the sharp, pointy teeth to boot!

Adventures outside and inside, galore!  Gwen has had encounters with different toys, sounds, sights, smells; met new dogs and humans; chewed some things when her humans weren’t looking; gone for car ride;, and played in the field by our apartment.  All of these things and much more have made up the first five weeks that we have had her.  There will undoubtably be more stories and thoughts about this little orange devil to follow.


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

    • I’ve found I have a hard time staying on topic now. I’m trying hard to make it all about Gwen but I get so sidetracked! 🙂 She was so tiny! (not the runt though! the run was so adorable! but she had short-man syndrome.)

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